Lead generation is topic of conversation in most growing firms, in addition at the core of all professional services firms is information and knowledge. This is your main item of trade and the most critical asset for your business. What firms sell to their clients is expertise. Therefore how do lead generation and expertise come together? Lets delve into it.

Firms need to work hard to ensure that they’re always part of the conversation in the industry. To attract new people to your business, you need to steer the conversation and hold the top position in your niche.

To do this, your business needs to dominate media outlets to create awareness about your brand. Moreover, you also have to connect with your audiences. When it comes to firms, your focus is not only on existing clients; you have to woo prospects into becoming leads.

Lead Generation for firms is an integral part of ensuring the growth of your firm. First of all, reach your prospects and wow them into becoming leads. To be more specific, make them qualified leads.

Your best bet with regard to lead generation  is to target specific potential clients using content that appeals to them. To do this effectively, identify words and phrases that resonate with different audiences and use them. For instance, “Tax Consulting for African based oil and gas companies ” is a very target specific keyword while “Choosing the right tax consultant ” resonates with a broader audience and thus doesn’t get you the results you require.

To put it simply, firms rely on prospects and lead generation to grow their business. To do this, the business needs to focus on lead generation by converting prospects actively. However, these prospects need to come to you first, this is where content comes into play. Therefore, create captivating and specific content to draw in prospects and provide a consistent and valuable flow of information to convert them into leads.

In other words, content is where it all begins. Show that your firm has valuable information to share and the constant leads and endless phone calls will begin. So, what is content?

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Is Content Marketing Normal for Professional Services Marketing?

What’s content?

Content is the information that your business creates and shares to the public. Content comes in the form of blog posts, Ebooks (pdfs) and videos. in the B2b space business blogging is prevalent among many firms because it is easy, fast and cost effective. Content is an inherent part of any marketing strategy for services firms. With content, they have valuable information to market. Therefore, your business should maximize on providing high quality content.  

On their own, blogs make a weak marketing strategy. This is because over half of all firms are blogging. The secret to succeeding in professional services industry is to stand out and be unconventional by doing business blogging to lead generation. 

Red Bull is probably one of the most cited examples of a company doing great content marketing. Below is a insert from a documentary- The Story of Content: Rise of the New Marketing

How Red Bull Turned Their Content Marketing Into a Media Company.

How else can a company create content besides blogging?

The Different types of content

  Social media

The content you provide here is bite-sized which is easier to understand. Social media posts are short and to the point. They also open up a channel for you and your audience to interact and connect. In addition to providing content. Another pivotal key with social media is not so much about what you post but rather where you post as well. Let’s take for example your tax consulting firm that works with oil companies, posting on Instagram or Snapchat would not be ideal, that’s because Oil company executives don’t spend hours on these social media channels. However if you were posting content on Linkedin you can probably reach the ceo of an Oil company.



Since everything is digitized today, you need to do everything you can to showcase your knowledge. One exmple is to publish a detailed piece of writing, well structured, well research and contains in-depth information which can be several pages long, you can publish in the form of a PDF and promote it. Normally you can give the pdf for free download on your site, or you can exchange information such as an name & email address in return for this valuable piece of content.


What is a webinar? A webinar is an online meeting or presentation held online in real time. In recent times firms have realized at times, people are unable to attend a webinar or only catch the last 10 mins. This has given rise to an On -demand webinar , this is a normal webinar however you can watch it at anytime you wish, almost like a youtube video, only downside is you cant ask questions and get answers n real time. A webinar can help you establish yourself as a thought leader. Through webinars, you get to showcase your expertise to your audience and score leads at the same time.


What is your content about?

This perhaps is the most challenging part for many firms. There is a lot of uncertainty as to what to write. You already know that your content needs to be captivating, easy to understand and add value. The real problems begin when you start wondering what type of content encompasses all those characteristics.

Another concern for firms is that the content they provide gives away their secrets to the audience and their competition. If you’ve watched the above two videos you’ll realize that in order to succeed you ought to think of yourself as content creating firm that happens to offer a service. For example, if you operate a law firm that specializes in corporate law, you need to see yourself as a media company that creates the most valuable content around corporate law. You would need to become the Wikipedia of corporate law. 

This is clearly not an easy task. You would have to know how to create content that doesn’t give up all your firm’s secrets. Remember though; also remember secrets aren’t the driving force to firms, people are.

Ideally, your content should make prospects want to hear what you say next, therefore, you can easily avoid being in a bind by identifying problems that your prospects face and addressing these issues for them.

The best way to keep prospects captivated is to provide practical solutions to real problems. Don’t invent problems that don’t exist, solve the existent one’s first.

 How content generates leads for professional services marketing

It’s time to look at how content helps your business in lead generation. First of all, lead generation may sound easy, but it’s not. A qualified lead is hard to woo, and you need to realize that. Establishing you firm as a thought leader should be a priority. Content helps to create attention for your business. To create the right awareness, you need to invest in the following:


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   Lead Magnets 

Audiences eat this up like manna from the skies. Lead magnets are irresistible pieces of content offering a specific added value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information. These lead magnets are normally offered for free. You can offer a free download in the form of an ebook, checklist, white paper, mini course, industry reports.

The goal of the Lead Magnet is to maximize the number of targeted leads you are getting for an offer.





   Call to action (CTA’s) CTA Free assessment

Did you once download an app?  or Maybe signed up on a website or taken an online course. Each one of these signups is likely a result of an effective call-to-action (CTA). A call to action can be likened to a to a road sign. Imagine your driving on the highway going to another city, if the roads didn’t have signs or arrows you wouldnt know which direction or off ramp to take. CTA’s guide you through various online journeys and sign-up process. You’ll see a CTA at the bottom of the post, in fact 99% of all our posts have CTA’s.



Professional services marketing is about sharing your expertise. It’s not about trying to sell and close. Woo your prospects by showing them that you care about their success and satisfaction.Don’t wait too long to take advantage our free marketing assessment for a better grasp of professional services marketing. Also, contact us for questions and more. 

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