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The use of content analytics in optimizing b2b content marketing strategy isn’t a new concept. However, this practice is evolving with the emergence different software that can analyze your content and give detailed reports.

Gone are the days when social media analytics and web analytics were sufficient for you to understand your business. More effort is required especially when you want to market b2b businesses. That is why content analytics is important!

Many organizations use content analytics to help find the right type of content that is relevant to your niche. By doing so, you will increase relevance. It also helps in gaining insights to improve decision-making process.

Therefore, you need content analytics to guide you on which changes to make for an effective b2b content marketing strategy.

Various types of software are used in analysis of content to find out the trends and patterns. Google analytics acts as a vital tool for tracking performance of your website content. Besides, there are other techniques and tools that one can use for content analytics.

To make good out of this concept, it’s proper that we first define content analytics.

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What is content analytics?

It’s the science of combining content management, business analytics and business intelligence to examine unstructured content. Moreover, research shows that over 80% of data is unstructured. Therefore, content analytics will play a major role.

Content analytics concept uses big data technology since the ontological analysis tries to identify the pattern in the content first. Consequently, the natural language places the data in its right context for linguistic modeling.

You may be wondering what you need for successful content analytics to optimize b2b content marketing. Let me give you the break-down here. 

Factors to consider when using content analytics to optimize b2b content marketing

You need to take into account the following things

  • Your target audience
  • Your marketing strategy
  • Monitoring techniques
  • Possibility of altering your strategy if things are not working properly

Target audience /persona

You need to critically analyze the data about your target audience. You should also consider the content that your target audience already read from your website and recorded high or low views and shares. It’s not a walk in the park to deliver compelling content to the right audience and consequently achieving your goal!


How Can E&A Digital republic Help:

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