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Exclusively serving the legal industry, E&A Digital Republic is established as a full-service digital marketing agency. We are located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Statistics show that there are approximately 36.5 million internet users in South Africa. This depicts the rising need for all businesses to go online, even the best law firms. Our company is co-founded by expert marketers and advised frequently by lawyers, This enables our understanding of law firm marketing like no other firm in the country. Our company is a one-stop-shop if you want the best legal marketing in South Africa. Our aggressive digital marketing services make us the best law firm marketing agency. Instead of going ‘general’, we believe in developing ‘specific’ strategies.

Our aim at E&A Digital is to help companies that want to stand out online. Especially, the ones that are not getting anywhere despite striving, we use the tried and tested strategic digital strategies to help your law firm succeed online. Our legal marketing services work because of our unique approach. We provide legal marketing which is a tailor-fit for your law firm needs. In order to achieve this for you, we conduct an in-depth analysis of your law firm. Only after that, we are able to fully comprehend the nature of the law firm marketing you need. For this reason, our services are customer-centred. This assists us in winning the trust of our clients. Then, the quality of our best law firm marketing resides in the consistency we provide. We believe that this consistency truly depicts our dedication to our clients. In fact, this consistency and dedication help us retain our clients for the long run.

Whether you want to rank locally or nationally, our unique game plan is here to serve. Our years of experience in assisting client has put us at the top in the industry.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization isn’t serious maths! But, if you want some serious calculations, you got it!

With over a decade of experience in SEO, we know SEO better than any other firm. Why? Because we have numerous clients around South Africa that use our SEO services. Our services are not limited to South Africa. Instead, we offer services beyond borders. Now, we are proud to say that SEO runs in the DNA of the experts of the SEO team. Importantly, our SEO services are customized according to the latest law firm marketing trends. This helps us stay on top of the latest Google SEO algorithm changes. In fact, we have a team dedicated for the research and evaluation of such trends.

The SEO services we provide include the following:

  • On-page SEO

On-page SEO entails multiple activities that help optimize pages on a website. These activities include the utilization of engaging headings, targeting keywords, focused meta descriptions, and etc.

Such onsite activities help Google crawlers in understanding your website. It is necessary because it further leads to a better ranking. How? Because Google can understand your better due to the best on-page SEO we provide.

  • Off-page SEO

As SEO experts, we realize that besides your own website, you need off-page activities too. With focused content marketing, our SEO team generates content for you. This is done through guest-posting, article generation, and etc.

All this effort is to generate traffic to your law firm site via backlinks. Most significantly, our lawyer marketing works is a quick and effective way to help your law firm get ranked.

Our law firm marketing practices evolve with time by effectively using on-page and off-page SEO. Besides all this, we ensure that your online presence has a lasting impression on your clients. This lasting impression comes through the creativity we employ, blended with SEO best practices.

Our law firm marketing practices evolve with time by effectively using on-page and off-page SEO. Besides all this, we ensure that your online presence has a lasting impression on your clients. This lasting impression comes through the creativity we employ, blended with SEO best practices.

2. Local SEO

Getting a higher ranking in local SEO is just as important as global SEO. Unfortunately, many law firms fail to understand this. When it comes to law firms, local clients are pretty imperative for net sales. It does not matter whether your law firm is established at the international level or not. At E&A Digital Republic, we have proven local SEO strategies to help you. These strategies are specifically designed to help you rise above your competitors.

Let’s help you understand what our local SEO services exactly look like:

  • Our SEO experts will audit your law firm information all across the web. We ensure that the information we publish about your firm is accurate.
  • We perform Google My Business, Yahoo, and Bing Local optimization. Developing a similar brand identity for your brand across all these platforms is significant. This is why we impose consistency through multiple platforms.
  • We focus on creating business citations as a part of your local SEO legal marketing. This is a strategy that 100% works. And thus, we use this for our clients for lawyer marketing purposes.
  • We help you get reviews on your business profiles. This helps in local SEO. How? Since 88% of customers check online reviews before purchasing, this shows that reviews are important. Besides this, we also provide you with the best online review acquisition strategy. This strategy helps you advertise your legal marketing services through local SEO.

We also provide our customers with monthly Google Analytics report. This will help you see whether our strategies are working for you or not. We also ensure that we modify our strategies according to your requirements. That’s because believe in listening to our customers. We have a firm belief that a company knows its product in a much better way. This is why we rely on the information and tricks you share with us.

3. Web Design and Development

Converting website traffic into leads is the one place where our web design team shines. While we acknowledge that it is a hard task, our years of experience help us. We use this experience intelligently to get you more clients. The latest research shows that 83% of customers buy online when the retailer has a speedy website. This makes web design and development a key part of your online presence. At E&A Digital Republic, we believe that a good website design for your law firm goes hand-in-hand with good web development.

Your website design, structure, and content play a key role in getting your law firm ranked. After all, Google first assesses your firm’s content and then ranks it. Why does Google assess your website content at all? That’s because it checks whether the visitors on your website will find it easily accessible. If it isn’t good enough when Google checks it, it won’t rank it. To understand Google, you need a team that understands both your industry and Google itself. Luckily, our experts excel both in law firm marketing and website development.

To be able to achieve the best results for you through the best website design and development, our team does its homework. We understand you and your requirements. After that, we present you without suggestions and a proper intervention plan. Only upon your approval, we continue with execution. But, at every step, we take your guidance. In fact, we show you as we progress with the plan you approved, we report it to our clients. This is the best way for us to help our clients achieve their vision with us. We also believe that this is how legal marketing services should be provided. This is the best way to get your sales boosting with the right legal marketing.

Contact our experts today to discuss your law firm marketing needs!

4. Social Media Marketing and Management

Many believe that social media marketing is getting more likes. This is where many of us go wrong! Social media marketing and management have changed the way traditional communications used to take place. Due to this drastic change, law firms need to change the way they communicate with their customers. For instance, brands need to stop and focus on what their customers want. This is where a social media analysis helps. Our teams ensure that they understand the trends of the legal industry. We know that doing this research would help us provide you with the best law firm marketing in South Africa and beyond.

Our dynamic social media marketing strategies are stitched in a way that enables further brand awareness. We use social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, and Pinterest in the best way possible. All this effort is done to make sure you get the best social media marketing in the country. Our platform-specific strategies help your legal marketing services work effectively. Our creative department collaborates with social media platforms to make sure your social media attracts the maximum attention from your potential customers.

Interestingly, social media management, if done right, benefits the SEO of your overall online presence. Actually, it helps me Google recognize your and your business online presence. Our creatives are great at story-telling, which can help you acquire a better social media presence. We propose social media advertising strategies that respect your set budgets. This way, you can get ahead in your game and capture the attention of your audience. Our effective community management also ensures that you receive maximum traffic and lead generation. Our team also conducts relevant research on the side, so that your law firm marketing plan is updated from time to time.

5. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

If you are looking for world-class PPC Management, then you can surely place your trust in us! Don’t believe us? Our clients stand as the testimony of our claims. It does not matter whether you have a huge PPC budget or a tiny one, we can tailor our PPC services according to your budget. In fact, our team of experts will make suggestions, which you will approve for us to work on. To get the highest ROI for your law firm, you need the best PPC management, which E&A Digital Republic can promise you.

For search engines to prioritize your ads in the top results, you need a great PPC campaign. PPC only works in your favor on two conditions. One condition says that your ad shows up on the top of results when a visitor makes a keyword search. The second condition states that the user clicks on the ad. But this goal is impossible to achieve without an expert team on your side. You’ve got it when you have E&A Digital Republic on your side.

The best part about having a good PPC campaign is knowing that you will be guaranteed sales. How? Because the conversion rate of a random interment visitor into a customer is pretty high with an excellent PPC campaign. But, for that, you need to have proper knowledge of how a PPC campaign is created and set to work for your law firm marketing. In that area, a top law firm marketing agency like E&A Digital Republic would help you. We listen to you, create a tailor-made PPC campaign, and then put it up to generate sales for you. We have done it for hundreds of other clients, we can do it for you. Contact our experts today, to seek their advice on the subject!

6. Content Writing and Curation

Publishing content in bulk that does not have a direction is equivalent to wasting time on useless activities. At E&A Digital Republic, we realize that creating compelling content can be pretty hard. But our content team takes that as a challenge and provides you with compelling content. It is extremely important for content writers to write specific and audience-driven content. This, in our experience, works 100% in drawing more traffic in. Besides, many companies fail to understand that content marketing should follow a strategy. Our experts are here to develop that strategy for you and provide you with actual results.

Importantly, our content curation is not limited to written content only. Instead, we have an entire department dedicated to it. We have a team full of experts and are constantly learning from their experiences with diverse clients from South Africa and across the world. Also, we believe in implementing exhaustive research to be able to ensure effective research for you. We believe content marketing does not have to be complicated, which is why our experts break it down for you, so you understand every part of the strategy we suggest you. This way you, as the client, can be involved at every step, which helps us provide specific and authentic information to your clients in the legal industry.

In law firm marketing, there is an extensive need for experts to be aware of the associated trends. Otherwise, your content curation might go to waste. In addition to this, to improve your law firm’s legal marketing, we ensure that we only use the practices that work for you. Contact our team today so you can get your hands on the best content marketing and curation in the legal marketing industry!

7. Branding / Design

As of recent statistics, there are approximately 30,000 attorneys in South Africa, which depicts the level of competition a law firm can face in the legal industry. To deal with the competition in the legal industry, your law firm needs to build a name as strong as its reputation. Our law firm marketing experts at E&A Digital Republic believe that branding should either be simple or loud. However, it should not be too ordinary for it to slip people’s attention. This is where E&A Digital Republic can help you outshine the ones you are competing with within the legal industry. We believe that your identity resides in your brand name. You can build a great perception of your brand in the minds of your audience through the right branding.

From the choice of colours to the font type used, everything counts towards building your brand in the eyes of your potential customers. Make it attractive enough for people to notice it and retain the name in their memory. But how can you make it simple and yet attractive enough? It’s simple: with us! We have a strong portfolio that stands as an authentic testimony of the quality of branding and design services we provide all of our clients with.

Do you want to see yourself apart from your competition? Then all you need to do is give us a chance to prove that we are worth your time and money. The good thing about our services is that they are customized according to your requirements. You tell us the do’s and don’ts at every step, so everything in relation to your brand is done under your direct supervision. Due to our modern beliefs about branding/design, we offer packages that sit well with your expectations. Give us a call today to find out more about our services and how we do your branding for you!

8. Email Marketing for Attorneys

Did you know that you can achieve your marketing goals with the right email automation? We use behavioural data to optimize your email marketing campaign in a way that it benefits your sales. Our email marketing for lawyers is specifically targeted and easily segmented so that you generate actual leads. We also personalize your email messages so that the recipients respond with a positive outcome. We believe that setting up straightforward email campaigns is helpful not only to your sales but your company’s reputation. Instead of wasting time on tricky messages, we suggest our clients to grab their customers with honesty and gem-clear messages.

A conversational experience tends to be beneficial to online business. In addition to this, we have email marketing experts that can take your company from one place to a higher place in no time. The way our experts work is unmatched in the entire market, which is why we have thousands of clients across South Africa. We have been able to build a strong reputation for many of our clients in the past decade through the right email marketing tactics. We know every part of email automation, which is why we are good at it than any other competitor in the industry. That also explains why hundreds of our clients have been with us for years.

To hit your goals, you need to optimize your email conversations and make them sound more human and modern. Luckily enough, we have got all of that in our email marketing services. Our law firm marketing can help you achieve your goals in a short span of time. Don’t believe us? We understand your hesitation. This is why we suggest you contact our experts today to understand our services more closely. Our email marketing experts have years of experience and they will be more than happy to break our email marketing process for you.

9. Infographic

Law Firm Marketing Infographic

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Making Law More Convenient and More Human

We believe in creating law firm marketing strategies that get your company moving. Surviving in an industry where the competition increases every day is really hard. And we acknowledge that. You know why? Because our law firm marketing experts have invested years in to turning startups into giants. The reason why we focus entirely on customizing services according to your company and legal marketing needs is that every client is unique for us. We categorize your needs and then specifically offer your tailor-made services according to them. The point of offering customizable services is to make law more ‘understandable’ for not only you but also your customers.

Here’s what we do:

1. Keep it Simple and Strong!

Making your law firm marketing strategy simple and easy-to-understand help your firm’s business sales. How? Because your clients can understand your approach in a much better way. Multiple times, you will find clients that will be unaware of their own needs. By creating easy-to-understand strategies, you help them see the needs they have but cannot see. That’s how you win clients by breaking down various parts of your marketing process. You tell your clients how your services work and how they can take advantage of them. With our experts, you will not hear hard and complex terminology that you don’t understand. Instead, our experts use simple language, so you stay on board with us, on the same page, and assist us all the way through.

2. Become Your Ultimate Legal Marketing Partner!

Working with us for your law firm marketing is like forming a partnership. Let us tell us how:

  • Blending exceptional customer service with an amazing performance. The reason why we focus on our customer service is to get to know our clients better. We believe that by doing that we can generate outclass results for you, which you expect from us.
  • Updating you every step of the way. Our motto at E&A Digital Republic is: if it’s your business, you should get a say in every little decision. This is why our team stays in contact with you for approvals. This is our way of keeping you in the loop for every decision made for your law firm marketing.
  • Making your business more digitally accessible. We do this my drafting a practice digital marketing strategy that generates results 100% from your digital audience.

Amazing Law Firm Websites

Our website experts eat, sleep, and work in custom websites. That’s a flex that we are unapologetically proud of!

We understand that every client wants an easy-to-use, beautifully designed, and elegant website that makes a powerful first impression on the influx of internet visitors you receive. Our experts believe that providing the best law firm marketing can be hard. However, we have achieved legal marketing goals for thousands of clients across South Africa in a short span of time. It does not matter whether you need a custom or a semi-custom website. It is because the websites we create are both optimized to generate leads, but also to convert those leads into a genuine clientele. The reason why we are results-oriented is that we know that a law firm’s success depends on its customer base, just like all businesses.

  • Custom Website For Law Firms

Whether you need a modern law firm custom website or a unique web aesthetic, luckily enough, our web designers are equipped with diverse skills. This is what makes us the best law firm marketing agency in South Africa. At E&A Digital Republic, we have a belief that web designs for your law firm should be professional and appropriate. Why is that important? That’s because websites are like your storefront in the twenty-first century. Your customers will only stick around if you give them a speedy and fully optimized website that is easy to use.

  • SEO-Optimized Law Firm Websites

We understand that SEO-optimization takes every aspect of your website into account. This is why our experts help you create websites that are not only SEO compatible but also aesthetically attractive. Our experts make sure that the aesthetics do not intervene with the website’s performance. This is why we only proceed with the web design that we know would help you generate the best results. Such websites help you generate maximum leads, a higher conversion rate, and a better impression on the website visitors. You might not realize it but most of the customers only decide to hire your firm when they see your portfolio on your website. Your website is your portfolio in itself. It speaks about the quality you endorse, so you need to be careful with your web design and development.

To get amazing and fully SEO-optimized websites made, contact our experts at E&A Digital Republic because we stand as the leading law firm marketing agency in South Africa and beyond!

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A Great Approach to Legal Marketing

Legal marketing is fun and games, only when you are good at it! And that’s exactly who we are! At E&A Digital Republic, we use a strong law firm content strategy that sits well with your vision of the right legal marketing. Our content marketers know the who, when, what, why, and how of your content marketing vision. To make sure that we understand your customer’s persona, we spend most of our time at that part. Because unless we know what your clients’ expectations are, we won’t be able to extract successful leads out of our legal marketing.

Our legal marketing approach is great because of the following:

  • A Development Process That is Strong and Comprehensive!

We believe in making your legal marketing strong, which your customers understand and respond to. We impose this strength by creating a uniform identity across different platforms. This helps your customer choose more quickly. And trust us, that’s what you want! You want to lay a strong impression that your customer cannot shake off easily!

  • Bring Your Law Firm to Life – Digitally!

The face of law has changed drastically in the past decade. It has put an extra burden on law firms. How? Because now they have to maintain an online presence as strong as their offline presence. Law firm marketing can be tricky because domestic legal services are more focused on as law differs from place to place. Since we have a team of legal marketing experts that understand both the law and the latest trends of digital legal marketing, we can help you with services that are unparalleled in all of South Africa.

As a result of our top-notch legal marketing services, here are the expected outcomes for your law firm:

  1. A boost in sales. This boost of sales goes a long way because you’ll be able to expand your clientele more than you expect.
  2. More organic leads through a great SEO-optimized online presence. More qualified traffic would assist your brand in generating better ROI and net sales.
  3. Win customers through attractive social media management and community handling. Showcase your services through great customer service.

Legal marketing is tricky but fun at the same time, which is why we enjoy providing services that we excel at! Contact us today for any queries you might have about our legal marketing services!

Get Your Law Firm at Top with the Best Legal Marketing Services

Bringing your law firm to the top is what E&A Digital Republic is all about. Here is how we help you:

  1. We increase your law firm visibility. As you might be aware, there is huge competition in the law firm industry. This can make it hard for your law firm to stand out from the crowd. We take the legal marketing process of your law firm as a tunnel, which has a start, a middle, and an end. This approach helps us connect you with your potential clients with the right approach, at the right time.
  2. We tell a story that connects you with your customers quicker than you think. We know that out in the legal marketing world, the competition is fierce. But we don’t need to tell you that, especially when you are a part of that competition yourself. To make your customers seek you out, we make sure that your message is loud and clear. This way, your clients don’t have trouble finding you in the crowd. We endorse this approach in our law firm marketing strategy because we believe your clients want you to make it simple for them so they can see your vision too.
  3. We boost conversions the way no other agency does. Here we create and mold your organic website traffic in a way that they turn into actual and successful leads. We approach your sales in a strategic pattern. We believe that being specific with your SEO, content marketing, PPC, branding, and web design, all counts towards the conversion rate for your law firm. This is why we take these worries from you and look after them ourselves. We make sure that every service is specific to your needs, so there is no room for disappointment.
  4. We pull up data on monthly data that you can understand. After generating leads and boosting sales for you, we make sure that you are aware of your overall sales. This is why we create a reporting system that is transparent and clear for you. We consistently provide this level of transparency so that you can develop trust in our services.

We know that making your law firm famous through strong law firm marketing is hard, but we are committed to a great legal marketing approach, which helps all the law firms that are a part of our portfolio! Call us today to get to know more!

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What is E&A Digital Republic? – The Story Behind the Name

Our digital marketing agency is built on the principle of helping law firms find their success through the right digital marketing. Our extensive experience makes us the company that we are today.

Started in 2012, E&A Digital Republic is a South-African-born & bread digital marketing company that specifically targets law firms because of its diverse team of lawyers and digital marketers. Like many digital marketing startups, we started out in a small home office, which gradually evolved to be at the top of the law firm marketing industry. The reason why we believe our digital marketing is unique is because of the experts we have on board with us. Due to this, we not only have knowledge in digital marketing but also law, which helps us understand your customers in a better way. We truly believe that knowing your buyer’s persona is important to your overall marketing strategy. This enables the “peace of mind” – to quote our CEO – that every client wants and deserves.

Through our unique digital marketing strategies, we want to make the law more approachable for your customers. It is mainly because a customer only invests in you when they ‘understand’ you. This is why we offer marketing strategies that make it easier for your customers to get on board with you. Remember: a customer will never give you his time if he feels intimidated by your presence. So, at E&A Digital Republic, we try to break down our approaches, our regular reports to our clients, and various marketing tools we use to bring your law firm to the top through the best legal marketing in South Africa.

Reach out to our experts today to discuss your law firm marketing needs! Our experts will be more than happy to understand you and offer solutions that you find easy and modern!

What Makes E&A Different?

We leave impactful digital footprints of your law firm through amazing digital marketing. That’s what makes us different! We work towards a common goal with our clients by taking our client’s goals as our own. We understand that this attitude is rare, and this is why we work on it so we can achieve the excellence our clients expect of us! Standing out among the crowd is hard which is why we only use the best practices to serve you with the marketing strategies that work for your law firm. The key to getting your law firm marketing to work is through honesty and directness. At least that’s what we do! It helps customers develop trust in your legal approaches much quicker. So, we suggest that you always prioritize honesty over ineffective jargon and fancy lies!

Why E&A Digital Republic?

Here’s how we make our law firm marketing approaches different:

  • We continuously focus on best practice standards, with consistency. We believe that if you are not going to stay focused on your goals with consistency then you won’t be able to achieve your goals any time soon. This is why we make sure that there are consistency and honesty from our end. And we are not the only ones that enjoy it. Our customers enjoy it too!
  • We retain the information our clients provide us with to get the best out of it for an amazing law firm marketing strategy. Most importantly, we only move on with our strategy when you approve it. So, it becomes ‘your’ strategy too. We try to keep our clients in the loop so that they can be a part of it all the way through.
  • We ensure excellence at all levels for you. Every part of our marketing strategy to get your law firm to excel is tailor-made and original, so you can get 100% authentic results. We do realize that getting your sales to boost is something many promises but are unable to achieve for you. This is why we believe that reporting is an important part of the process, which can help you – as the client- stay on top of decisions being made for your law firm.

These are just some of the things that define us! There are a bunch more that our customers stick around for! To get to know more about our approach and unique way of promoting your brand through your online presence, contact us today!

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