Sometimes in business, primarily professional services firms, when push comes to pull, people often try to cut through corners to get where they need faster with their email marketing. Usually this will seem like its working, but in the long run, you stand to lose. Do your due diligence on everything and follow your marketing strategy to the letter.

An example of this is Email marketing. More than half of businesses make the same email mistakes, and in most cases, it’s for the same reasons; in a bid to get ahead faster. Email marketing is one of the digital marketing strategies that the world has wholly embraced.

Unlike other strategies, however, when it comes to email marketing, you have to be smart about it. If you aren’t, you seem intrusive to your leads and clients. Expertly executed, email marketing is a goldmine for professional services marketing. Despite being the forefather of online marketing, it is holding its position pretty well.

The world today allows people to be in control of what they receive on their devices as a result of digitization. At least 47% of all emails for marketing purposes sent are accessed through mobile devices. The problem, however, is when you send emails that are not relevant. Your audience feels like you’ve wasted their precious time.

Look at this from your leads perspective; they allow you to send them emails, you, on the other hand, bombard them with endless irrelevant emails. How strong is their trust in you?

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How to go about email marketing

Professionalism is your most potent weapon when it comes to conquering email marketing. You can’t afford to joke around. In case you offend a lead, it is prudent to be straightforward about it and apologize to rebuild trust. This should come naturally since it is the foundation for professional services marketing.

Email marketing is especially important for internet sales generation. First, it gives you direct contact with your existing clients. Second, it allows you to turn prospects into leads. The only thing, therefore, standing between you and consistent web traffic is a professional email.

Keep your emails simple and to the point. Your prospects and clients don’t have the time to sort through the jargon and try to find your point. Use email marketing to keep your clients updated and share the exciting news with them. Also, remember to remind clients about deals and new products.

Another great way to effectively execute email marketing is to comply with all set laws and regulations. Your brand’s reputation is very important, and even the smallest taint to your name can spell your end. Email marketing is one of the most sensitive types of online marketing. Moreover, many email marketing crooks lurk the web looking for prey.

Practicing illegal email marketing will hurt your professional service firm. Additionally, working with less than professional email marketers lowers your credibility. In your marketing strategy, ensure you always remind yourself to keep it professional. Don’t get your business roped in with unscrupulous marketers.

Buying email lists: Where it all goes wrong

The minute you consider buying an email list, you begin hurting your business. Buying email lists is a lazy move by professional service firms that don’t want to put in the work. Renting email lists is no better either, these are unprofessional ways of marketing.

Why do businesses buy email lists?

This is the best place to start. From here, you’ll see how what seems like a viable solution goes sour so fast. For instance, you need people to email to inform them of an upgrade to your services in your firm or an ongoing promotion. You, therefore, opt to use email marketing; however, you haven’t built a solid enough list. This prompts you to buy an email list.

The second most common reason is affordability. Compared to the time you need to invest in cultivating your own email list, it is cheaper to buy one. You spend less and gain more people, but in reality, you are killing your business.

Why purchasing email lists is a big email marketing mistake

Now, you have a purchased email list, and you send out your emails to these people. What do you think happens?

First of all, these people don’t know you, who you are or what you stand for or why they need you. Moreover, why would a successful company sell you their email list? Not only is buying email lists a bad idea but it is also the worst possible way to introduce prospects to your brand.

While buying email lists seems like an easy and fast option. Here are reasons why it is your businesses kiss of death.

    1. The people on the list don’t know you

To recap, these people on the email list don’t know what you stand for or who you are. Trust is built over time, and there are steps to follow. Purchasing an email list means you skip all these steps and out of the blue appear in strangers’ emails. Again, this is the worst way to introduce these people to your brand.

Professional services marketing is about building lasting relationships not using shortcuts.

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    2.There is no chance of long-term success when you use bought email lists

According to research, the success rate of businesses that use purchases email lists is meager. Look through this breakdown of what happens when you send emails to the purchased email list:

Upon receiving your email, 60% of the people on the list delete it immediately. This is even before they read what it entails. 27% of those who read will unsubscribe from any future alerts concerning your firm. There is also a probability of being marked as spam, at least 23% of the people on the list will.

3. There is no such thing as a good email list for sale

The only reason a company would sell their email list is if the people on the list no longer trust the firm. Professional services firms thrive on trust and reputation. Your job is to put your prospects, leads, and clients above anything else. Why then would they sell their list to you and let you exploit their clients and leads?

Any list that is up for sale contains people who will automatically hit unsubscribe and mark your email as spam. This will, therefore, accomplish nothing for your email marketing campaign.

   4. Purchasing email lists can get you on the wrong side of the law

As mentioned earlier, many email marketers are targeting unsuspecting firms and selling them email lists that may not be legally obtained. Once you send emails to these lists, your business falls on the wrong side of the law.

It is hard to prove the legality of email lists put up for sale. When you become a spammer, a whole other set of problems arise for your firm in addition to the low traffic flow you hoped to fix.

To wrap up:

Don’t be afraid to put in the work. You need to work on your professional services marketing strategy to guarantee the success of your firm. That’s what E&A digital republic helps you realize and implement. We’ve addressed why purchasing email lists is a big email marketing email. To maintain and grow your firm, stay clear of purchasing email lists.

For more on this and more email marketing tips, contact us or read our free marketing assessment to learn more about how you can better implement your marketing strategy.

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