The digital marketing era has changed the world, and everyone is busy adjusting their sails. Today, at least eight professional services firms out of ten use content marketing to grow their business. Can you even imagine what that means?

I can tell you. What this means for your professional services firm is that you are not the only one trying to score leads out there. This should be a wakeup call.

Despite a large number of professional services businesses using content marketing, there is still room for your firm.

Where? You ask. To answer this, I’ll let you in on a secret. First, find out what competitors are doing. Second, don’t do what competitors are doing.

Your genesis is the creation of content. Though valuable content is essential and a constant flow of content builds confidence and credibility, remember to create less and promote more.

Therefore, focus on maximizing leads for the content you already have. This is what content promotion is. Push your content to your prospects and deliver it in a fascinating way that they can’t resist.

Content promotion in professional services firms separates the wheat from the chaff. You have to think ahead and strategize at every step.

How do you stay ahead of the game?

First of all and most importantly, come up with a promotional plan. This is your outline of what your promotional activities will be. Your promotional plan also features your expectations and your promotion calendar.

According to research, 80% of all professional services clients use online sources. What does this tell you? You, therefore, need to stop hunting for leads and become the hunted. Deliver useful nectar like content and let the leads seek you out.

To succeed in professional services marketing, you need ambition. An insatiable hunger that drives you to fulfil laid down objectives.

How does content promotion help professional services firms?

Firstly, professional services firms hardly have any tangible products to sell. I know you already know this. What you are selling to clients is services. To effectively deliver, you need to secure your place. Through content promotion, you put your content out there and get to showcase your expertise. In turn, more people know about you and relationships are forged.

Professional services firms must build trust with their prospects and customers. Since your primary business is connecting with people, content promotion should be easy.

One essential thing to remember when promoting content is that you need people. They may not need you, but they are your business. Therefore, understand what appeals to your audience, court your prospects until they become leads.

In the professional services industry, patience is a virtue. Relationships take time to build and through content promotion, you can create a sustainable connection with your audience. Unfortunately, many firms forget to keep this relationship going.

Keep your audience focused on you even after they buy from you. Engage in conversations and answer their questions. This way, they know you care about them, and that’s how you get referrals.

Effective content promotion practices

For professional services firms, your primary goal needs to be establishing that you are an expert in your field. Exercise your authority to build confidence in you and credibility. How do you know you are winning at professional services marketing?

Well, people naturally gravitate towards a trustworthy firm. If the information you provide pens off and is of value, they will want more. This is when they begin asking to follow up questions in an attempt to connect.

So, with all that said do you understand what your job is as a professional services firm? If no, here is a recap.

Your job is to address all the challenges, concerns, questions and even fulfil dreams and desires of your audiences through a consistent daily flow of content.

Once you understand that, it’s time to set yourself apart. Many businesses are in a rat race trying to promote content through SEO optimization. You are smarter though; you are cutting through all the lines and thinking outside the box.

To promote your content, here are great practices that will help you achieve this:

  1.    Identify your audience

For whom is your content? You should know this before you even create content. To effectively promote content, however, you need to reach out by any means possible. Therefore, understand what appeals to your audience more. Are they readers, do they prefer videos? Or pdf? Infographics?

With this information, you can adequately track down your audiences in the places they frequent. Moreover, do not overlook your referral partners when promoting to your audience. You not only need clients in professional services marketing, but you also need partners.

These are professionals who are in different industries but are happy to scratch your back because you’ll scratch theirs.

2.  Present content in bite-sized easy to digest snippets

The world is moving fast, and people are pressed for time. They may not have the time needed to read through a whole blog post. Therefore, break down the information for them to show you understand. For instance, you can send snippets of your content to audiences to arouse curiosity and also answer questions or address a problem.

Keep your audience in the loop by continually sending valuable quotes and memorable images.

III.    Quote and mention experts in your content

In the professional services industry, your expertise is what buyer’s need. Having an expert’s word on your blog post makes it more valuable to your audience. It is easier to trust an expert than any Jack, Jill, and Harry.

Proceed to share these quotes and short statements on various social media outlets and watch as leads hunt you.

3. Make use of content communities

Take advantage of sites that allow you to share your content with their audiences. Since their audience already trusts them, you get to enjoy that trust as well. As long as your content is valuable, you will score some leads. If you havent had a chance to look at  Building your content marketing plan and 6 tips to improve content quality in your Professional Services Marketing strategy,

How can E&A digital republic help?

Never underestimate the power of promoting your content as part of your marketing for your business. Promoting your content as part of your inbound marketing strategy serves as a guide to understanding what audiences want and is an inherent part of E&A digital republic’s service to clients.

For more information on how we can assist your company, take advantage of our free marketing assessment. You can also contact us for insights on whether the promotional tips above work for your firm.

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