Content marketing plays a critical role in your Professional Services Marketing. It defines the direction that your organization should take. Therefore, you should have a template that captures the objectives that you would wish to achieve. Sadly, research from marketing profs shows that over 63% of businesses lack content marketing plans.

In this digital era, Professional Services Marketing works miracles if content is used. It attracts strangers and converts them into potential customers or prospects and consequently leads. The chain doesn’t end here since your prospects may turn to be your promoters hence attracting other strangers, and the loop continues. This is the power of the written word! But you don’t have to gamble with your success of content marketing, you MUST plan.

How and why then do you build your content marketing plans? These are some of the questions that I will answer in this section.

Why Build a plan for your Professional Services Marketing.?
There’s a common saying that goes “if you don’t plan to succeed, then you’re planning to fail”. If your organization fails to plan, then its vision is dead. Such organizations depend on luck to succeed. You need to plan with all the departments and come up with SMART strategies.

Year after year, the percentage of content marketers that document their content marketing plan has gradually increased. A defined strategy is often a major indicator of content marketing success, this is according to content marketing research carried out in 2020. The graph below indicates that in the year 2020, 69% of B2B companies that documented their content marketing strategy were most successful in comparison to only 16% who did not. This figure is up 7% from the year 2018 where only 62% of b2b marketers had a documented content marketing strategy.


The three main reasons why we use content as part of Professional Services Marketing strategy is:

1. It Optimizes your productivity.

As a content manager, you need to plan the number of articles that you should publish and the frequency. If you have such a plan and tools ready, you will easily achieve your organization’s objectives.
Be unique from your competitors
You are not the first person to provide content for the niche you are providing content! What differentiates you from your competitors is your brand identification. You can only have a brand identity if you provide your audience with relevant information that your competitors may not be giving.

2. Avoid confusing your audience.

You have set everything right and regularly update your website. However, if you don’t have a plan, you may end up diverting from your primary niche. Consequently, you will create mixed reactions from your confused audience.

There are other reasons why you need to plan your content; I invite you to share your thoughts in the comment section below. I will straightaway now guide you on how to build a successful content marketing plan to improve your overall Professional Services Marketing.

8 Steps on How to build a content marketing plan.

Having identified your niche and established a working team, all you need is to brainstorm. To develop a unique and workable content strategy for your organization, you should follow the following 8 simple steps:

Step1: Gather your entire marketing team.

As the team leader, you should have a meeting with your content marketing team. Each person should know the roles and responsibilities to play in the success of the organization. You should also make known to the team; the expectations of the company.

Step 2: Define your goals for your content marketing

People using content for their Professional Services Marketing for different reasons. These include answering survey questions, improving search engine rankings, generate more sales, optimize email sign-ups and other reasons.  Specify why you need to market your content.

You’ll need to clearly define what you intend to achieve as a group (both mission and objectives). The mission should consider your target audience and the benefits that your audience will get out of your content. For example, if you want to provide construction services, you can have a mission as “We give contractors technical content that will help them in selecting the right building materials”. In this case, your audience is contractors while your goal is to help them in the selection of the right material.

Now take a minute to write your company’s mission then proceed to step 3.

Step 3: Research what your audience needs

Conduct in-depth research on the existing market gap and when you want to bridge the gap, give a reasonable solution to your audience. Always give accurate and honest information to boost your online trustworthiness. You can have forms on your website landing page that clients can fill as you get the demographics. Moreover, your website should educate or entertain your audience (or do both) because if you don’t do these, your competitor will do.

Step 4: Determine the type of content to give your audience

You may decide to use podcasts, blogs, ebooks, newspapers, videos or whichever form of content fits your audience. Sometimes, you can combine two or more forms in one content for example; you can embed videos in your blog posts.

Step 5: Choose your promotion channel

Social media acts as an excellent platform for marketing your content. Your readers will share and retweet your content link if you wrote captivating content. In some cases, you may be prompted to pay for advertising your content. Therefore, you need to decide on the best platform to use. Always check for backlinks from reputable websites that are related to your niche. Remember, the technology involved in content marketing changes with time, therefore, you need to stay updated with the new trends.

Step 6: Writing content for your readers

Your writing should glue your readers from the title to the last full-stop. How do you maintain this? By educating or entertaining your readers and answering their questions. As already mentioned, be unique! Besides, you should also be consistent in your tone and voice. Moreover, you should have flawless English since some confusion in grammar irritate readers. For example, confusing its and it’s.

Your content creation process needs to be clearly defined. If you are using freelancers to write your content, you should also hire editors to proofread and publish the work on your WordPress site.

Moreover, you should have a publishing schedule to know how many posts to have daily, weekly or monthly.

Step 7: Marketing your content

Promote your content on various platforms such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedln and other platforms. Some of your contents may go viral hence attracting many strangers to your website. Take caution that for your article to rank on Google’s first page requires patience. Do not follow the black hat techniques!

Step 8: Analyze your results

You now need to know if you cut the mustard! You will need tools such as SEMRush to analyze your success. Besides, some platforms such as Jaaxy from Wealthy Affiliate can help you monitor your ranking.


It’s time to do the work practically. If your organization lacks a content marketing plan, you should be convinced and ready to make one, have a look at our inbound Game plan. Do not hesitate, move to the next step now and download our free ebook further below.

How Can E&A Digital republic Help:

Don’t overlook the importance of a content marketing plan for your firm. Content gets to the core of what will resonate with those audiences—and is an integral part of what E&A Digital does for clients. To learn more about how content marketing can help your firm. Make use of our Free marketing assessment or to learn whether content makes sense for your professional services firm.


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