Marketing consulting services

How marketing consulting services help you understand all there is to marketing.

The truth that is chocking many businesses is that marketing drives the flow of revenue into your company. Poor marketing tactics will put you out of business faster than it took to set it up. The principal reason firms employ weak marketing strategies is the lack of research and marketing know-how. Don’t be one of them;

Marketing consulting services that we offer entail the provision of expert knowledge of marketing techniques. Consulting services come in handy when you feel like your positioning, expansion or customer knowledge is inept.

How do we help you?

Marketing tactics are ever-changing, that much is a fact; therefore you can’t afford to be stuck in the past. Marketing consulting services is the boost you need to know about changes as they happen and get in line with new trends.

Talking about marketing is very general because marketing is a composite of many different segments. In essence, you need to know how to consult. What you consult about includes:

  1. How to make use of analytics tools
  2. The ins and outs of digital marketing
  3. How to formulate and implement a winning marketing strategy
  4. Target marketing
  5. How to improve content quality, attract prospects and convert leads
  6. Product launches

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    How marketing consulting services work

    Marketing consulting services which we offer help you see connections you would otherwise ignore and angles that you can exploit to better your business performance. Consultants are professionals who offer an unbiased look at your business.

    First, we help audit your current marketing strategy if you have one, how well is it performing and what areas are falling short. You also get help incorporating SEO tools and other essential tools that help grow your brand and site.

    Next, you address the quality of your content. Consultants know what your target customers want from in-depth research. Therefore, we help create useful content and push it in all the right platforms. Furthermore, you’ll be able to solidify your company’s connection with your audience.

    Marketing consulting services alert you to all the data fragments on your site that you can make use of to get ahead. Moreover, they show you how to turn every piece of information from clients and competitors into intelligence for your business.

    Who do we work with:

    Our clients are firms that sell knowledge and expertise and offers customized services – not tangible, physical products. Most of them often have a formally certification or member of a professional body. Examples of clients we work with:
    -Law and Firms.
    -Consulting Firms
    -Wealth & Asset advisory.
    -Financial Services.

    Defining Your Firm's Marketing Strategy.

    Professional Services Marketing

    Simply put, a marketing strategy is anything you do to bring in new business or increase your firm’s visibility and reputation. We’re not talking about strategies for closing sales once you have the opportunity – your marketing strategy is for generating those opportunities.

    Why Inbound?

    An Inbound Marketing Strategy also known as a Game plan is the first step in creating a strategic plan to grow your Firm. To build anything successful, one starts with a plan. The Inbound Marketing Game plan is a 12 month plan that includes an in-depth analysis of your current business. From defining your perfect customer to identifying sales targets and lead generation goals, we build a practical plan to that can be implemented to  you achieve your sales and marketing targets for the year ahead.

    Goals of the game plan include:
    • Develop and Inbound Marketing strategy to coincide with your website and other marketing initiatives in your firm.
    • Create three Buyer Personas based on the research.
    • Identify key competitors marketing to similar audiences to your firm.
    • Suggest topics for blog posts, high-value offers and general website content using the high-value keywords identified in the Keyword Research Report
    • Develop an Inbound Marketing calendar that is used for planning content updates including social media content, blogging and website content.


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