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The law is not a laughing matter, and that’s the reason a large number of law firms, big and small steer clear of flashy advertising and social media sites like Twitter or Instagram. They’re striving to sustain a genuine, practical image. Our suite of Law Firm Marketing services for lawyers will help your firm retain more clients, attract new cases, and help grow your practice’s online presence

In today’s interconnected world where ZOOM calls are the new normal, customers and organizations are making use of the internet to make their purchasing decisions and gather and analyze what services or products to buy as well as find information on legal options available to them. Out of necessity, the majority of organizations have moved to online advertising techniques like websites, creating social media profiles and running paid ads, which is the best way to manage and maintain the image of their legal practice.

More than 80% of prospective customers conduct online research on law firms

The primary step is ensuring that new and prospective customers can find your law firm online, normally by means of your website or some kind of social media presence. You should also ensure that when viable customers are conducting research, your law firm has a well maintained legal blog that answers ad gives information on fundamental legal topics.

53% of in-house counsel neglected engaging outside law firms as a result of an inadequate online presence.

This statistic clearly points out an overlooked fact, that it's not only necessary for prospective customers to be able to find you on google or online, but you also need to consider improving your online presence and website to reflect your law firm in a positive light. Your firm's reputation is important and so should your digital presence.

35% of private practice Lawyers acquire new clients by means of social media

Social media should not be neglected, it can be an essential means for building your law firm’s brand recognition, develop relationships, and produce new customers.

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Build credibility with Content Marketing for your Law Firm

Content marketing is typically described as the production or creation and dissemination of online articles for your firm’s ideal target customers to bring them to your website with the final goal of obtaining them as a client or customer. The G& Zeughauser Group which is a law consulting firm conducted a legal marketing survey that reported that a mere 26% of law firms have a well-documented content plan. If you have been disappointed when a rival law firm appears to showcase themselves and their expertise better? There is a phrase that emerged a few years back that says “Content is king”, but the issue facing most law firms is that creating good legal content can be challenging. As a Law Firm Digital Marketing Agency we can help take the pain out of the process of content creation and planning and help put your best foot forward.

Digital marketing and Business development.

A recent study conducted by Bloomberg Law and LMA, found that 47% of lawyers stated that hiring/increasing marketing employees was one of the key investments that have been effective and efficient in cultivating new business for their firm.

With enhanced competition in the legal industry, marketing and more specific digital marketing should not be put aside or assigned to partners or employees who do not possess a background in digital marketing. Ensure that you invest the time to carefully consider who is spearheading your law firm’s digital marketing, and whether it is in their best interest or priorities (especially if a partner is running your digital marketing campaigns), and if they have the specific skill set needed to deliver a return on your firm’s investment.

Practice areas

Whether you are a one-man law firm or have multiple attorneys and associates, we can help you market your practice. Below are the different fields of law we can help you market and reach your ideal customer.

  • Business and Commercial Law
  • Civil Law
  • Customary law
  • Contract law
  • Copyright law
  • Conveyancing and Property Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Entertainment Law
  • Environmental & Maritime Law
  • Family Law
  • Health
  • Immigration
  • Insolvency law
  • Intellectual Property
  • International Law
  • Labour and Employment
  • Maritime and Aviation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions 
  • Personal Injury incl Raf & Prasa
  • Real Estate Law
  • Taxation Law
  • Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning


Legal Marketing Statistics

  1. 1 out of 3 possible customers begins their lawyer search process online. (Source: iMarc). Frankly put, this statistic suggests that more than 1 out of 3 three people or organizations searching for a law firm will utilise the internet including websites like google before reaching out to a friend or family for a referral
  2. Over 65% of all law firms spend their marketing funds on digital marketing (Source: Martindale Nolo) This study encompassed a wide category of law firms. It basically determined that the bulk of practising law firms spend a minimum of 50% of their whole marketing resources online. To be precise, 40% of the poll law firms indicated that digital marketing accounts for 76-100% of the allocated marketing funds for a given year.
  3. 49% of attorneys stated that their most effective marketing source is buying web leads (Source Americanbar). This figure teaches us a few things. Number one, most or some law firms are particularly good at digital marketing. Buying leads from another company is basically admitting that you are not able to create a good digital marketing campaign and generate leads yourself. Generally speaking, generating leads isn’t that difficult when you work with an expert in Law Firm Digital Marketing.
  4. Particularly 7% of Lawfirms stated that their firms use Google AdWords or some form of pay-per-click advertising (PPC). (Source Americanbar). What this fundamentally tells us is that approximately 93% of law firms out there are not using the most efficient and powerful way to acquire clients that currently exists in this modern digital age. Google Ads or Pay per click is one of the rare marketing tools that allows a small or even struggling lawfirm to compete on a level playing field for customers with a much bigger or established law firm.
  5. 49% of Practising Law Firms have received customers as an outcome of having a legal blog on their company website. (Source Americanbar) Blogging is a powerful and effective tool within the legal fraternity. The reason being law firms as a whole do not sell physical products or merchandise as such displaying and demonstrating knowledge and understanding is a sure way to persuade customers and create a distinct reputation among other attorneys on experience and specialities in a field of law.

Law Firm Digital Marketing Services

When a law firm steps into online advertising to grow their business, initially the situation might appear overwhelming, especially with the vast number of options available. We make certain that you as the client are guided through every digital marketing technique as well as their benefits, giving you a thorough understanding of simple online advertising concepts. Our law firm digital marketing experts offer your Law firm techniques that will help you grow in your desired legal files and grow your customer base. Here’s what our marketing experts can offer your firm:
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We provide SEO as a part of our law firm digital marketing services. Our search engine optimization experts take a look at the content material on your law firms site and optimize every detail to drive search engine rankings on google. With the proper search engine optimization strategy, your organization will rank higher on google for years to come.

Pay Per Click Advertising.

We assist law firms in run high-converting and well-performing pay-per-click (PPC) Search Ads by using Google Adwords or Linkedin online ads to develop and grow your firm’s reputation and increase visitors to your high converting landing pages on your website. We target your ideal customers based on the location of your firm and the expertise your firm specializes in order to get you the maximum number of leads from your budget. Our law firm digital marketing specialists will assist your firm in creating high performing ads that deliver new customers with high retainers.

 Web design and development 

Our website design and staff will create fast-loading and mobile responsive, websites that focus on relevant website content and a fantastic user experience for your prospective law clients. Our Website development team will work hand in hand with our Law firm digital marketing experts, to deliver a Law Firm website that will turn web visitors into high-quality leads.

Social Media Marketing.

Dominate social media platforms like Linkedin and Facebook with Law-specific content that speaks to prospective customers. Social media is about showing your law firm’s expertise in your chosen field and by creating informative and educational content across relevant social media channels such Facebook and Linkedin. With our Law Firm Digital Marketing expertise you can rest easy knowing that your social media accounts will deliver outstanding returns with no fluff.

 Content Marketing 

In today’s modern world content marketing is the charm that enhances your Law firm’s online status and reputation which also gets better over time. Our content authors create and compose an appropriate and optimal website and blog content. Our content aims to answer and explains key legal issues and questions that face your ideal prospect or customer. Our company’s law firm digital marketing services also include the creation of ebooks, white papers as well as infographics.

Email Marketing & Newsletters.

When one thinks of the Legal industry one cannot eliminate the thought of email. As such email has also become a key aspect of marketing in the digital age. As digital marketing experts, we ensure that our email marketing is efficient and also persuades leads into customers and turns once-off buyers into faithful, raving fans. We also help your law firm keep in touch with some of your existing customers and prospective customers by emailing them high quality and enlightening monthly newsletters. 

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