To kick this off, try to imagine life without the internet. How is it? Professional services marketing as we know it would be very difficult. Imagine it from a consumer’s point of view, you’d feel robbed of options and knowledge. If you’re a service provider, you lose your link to consumers and your useful spy tool on competitors. 

Professional services marketing requires you to stay ten steps ahead of your competitors, assert yourself through authority positioning and attract audiences through content creation. All this is made possible by the internet. Without the internet, everything we know today would be completely different.

The digital transformation as a result of the internet revolution brought about consumer enlightenment. Consequently, businesses had to adjust how they conduct business to fit into the customers’ needs and wants.

Some of the changes that internet connectivity brought about include the fast-paced life that consumers and businesses have to adjust to.

Facts on the internet:

These numbers keep rising every day as more trends emerge and more people subscribe to the online way of life. Professional services firms that don’t have an online presence are fast fading.

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How the internet has changed the way professional services are sold

Many professional services firms that still conform to traditional marketing techniques find that the internet came to disrupt their business and make things harder. Fortunately, those who believe in embracing change are reaping the benefits. Internet marketing not only brings about connectivity but also excellent opportunities for businesses that can adjust quickly. If your company can utilize the power of technology, you will be unstoppable. As a business its crucial to understanding where prospective customers get their information before making a purchase decision and what factors help influence those decisions is important. 

The internet has made information, once only available from salespeople, accessible to everyone with an internet connection or smartphone. What’s been the result? Salespeople are now being invited into the buying process at a later stage, as such more business is losing the opportunity to communicate with the buyer at crucial moments in decision making process.

The internet has changed the sale of professional services in the following ways:

    1.Enables professional services businesses to stay ahead of their competition

The internet is massive storage for all information in the world. If your professional services firm needs to learn how far ahead or behind your competition you are, just let the internet tell you. The internet has changed the way professional services are sold by prompting businesses to be more creative and innovative in getting ahead of the competition. In other words, find out what your competitors are doing and so better.

   2. Audience targeting

Before the internet, professional services businesses didn’t have an extensive reach since there wasn’t a central base where consumers and service providers can converge. Now, professional services marketing targets their specific prospect clients which boost chances of success.

3. Speeds up the sales process

Convincing clients to buy from you is tasking, but with the internet, you sit pretty and wait for them to come to you. Granted that clients will follow through with the buyer’s journey, it still takes less time for them to buy than before. All the information is available in one place; there won’t be time wasted looking for information.

4.Consumers lost trust in salespeople

If you haven’t caught on yet, consumers go through most of their buyers’ journey without needing a salesperson. The internet is the buyer’s most trusted ally especially when it comes to professional services, therefore, invest more in digital marketing than on hiring sales agents.


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How the internet has changed the way, people buy professional services.

Consumer behaviours are in a state of flux. Today, firms need to put their best foot forward for consumers to spare them a glance. Your firm is depending on your ability to adjust to the way people buy today. Also, people need your expertise and will only pay for results. Hourly rates are archaic.

Some of the ways the internet is changing purchasing are:



There is no room for half-truths and information without evidence in today’s world. If your firm is to survive, you need credible information since clients have a powerful weapon that is research.

Unlike before the internet when people relied on what their friends say about a service and the ads they see, today customers are armed with all the information they need. A few clicks in and everything about a specific topic including pros and cons is available. Therefore, provide useful information that is easy to digest, and you’ll succeed.

    2.Instant gratification

People don’t have time anymore to wait for results. They want answers immediately which prompts them to switch to businesses that spare them time. Today, customers expect fast deliveries and even quicker responses to their questions and concerns.

3.The relevance of your services

Once again, clients need information that is backed by evidence and result. If your information is not helping them improve their lives, they won’t waste time on you. Professional services firms, therefore, need to put a lot of effort into the content you generate. People will compare your information to that of your competitors in a matter of seconds.

How professional services firms can survive the revolution

First, professional services are a dominant industry that is only growing larger; therefore, there are still very many opportunities out there waiting to be explored. Second, professional services firms need to realize that the internet is here to stay, the sooner you adapt to it, the faster your businesses begin to grow. Thirdly, you should know is that all certainties in professional services marketing disappeared the minute the internet stepped in so fit in accordingly.

In addition to this, your professional services business can thrive if you adopt modern marketing models that put you in favorable positions with your audience. The secret to surviving the digital era is to be adaptable to changes in technology as well as be in touch with consumer needs and demands.

To conclude:

Professional services firms have a lot of potential for growth regardless of the service you offer. The internet is your ally, not an adversary. At E&A digital republic, our commitment is to help you understand how the internet is changing the way professional services are bought and sold. This, in turn, enables you to adjust your techniques.

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