Dealing in services is very different from having products. Professional services firms offer clients intangible goods. Product companies have been at the forefront for ages, but now the service industry is fast catching on to it.

The first thing professional services firms need to realize is that they are about more than just that one sale. They need clients to trust in them and become loyal followers or even promoters. In the professional services industry, your customers aren’t just clients you sell to; they’re also integral to your service production.

What does this mean? Put simply; your clients can also be a rich mine of content for you. From the questions and concerns your prospects have, you can turn these into ideas to generate more content for your business.

Selling to individuals is however very different from selling to executives. Individuals often present one concern at a time while executives looking for a large service purchase want a long-term arrangement. Before entrusting you, they need to be sure that your well won’t run dry.

Your professional services firm needs executive clients to grow and put distance between you and your competition. However, before this can happen, you need to attract executives to your business.

How do you attract executive clients?

To start with, you need to leave an impression on them. Within the first few seconds of meeting you and your business, people automatically begin to form an opinion in their minds. Those first moments are crucial to determining how well it goes.

If your whole presentation is riding on the first few seconds, you need to make a remarkable opening. Show the clients that you’re interesting, you offer value and that you understand their concerns. In other words, speak their language and know what they want before they want it.

Another sure way of attracting executive clients is to understand why they’re in need of your service. When you’re aware of your customers’ needs, then you can present them solutions in a way that they want them.

Your presentation style also needs to be diverse and adaptable. What this means is that you need to tailor your presentation to the specific client. Establish a connection that is different with each prospect. Learn your prospects beforehand and focus on delighting them.

To attract executive clients, you need to be creative. You need to realize that executive prospects won’t just magically appear, you have to attract them. One creative way of doing that is by finding the least obvious person to approach. For instance, while every other competitor is working their way towards the CEO, you focus on landing the head of marketing for the firm.

This kind of thinking, find an alternative entry point sets you apart from your competitors. And speaking of alternatives have a look at Is Content Marketing Normal for Professional Services Marketing? and  5 Social Media tips to improve your Professional Services Marketing strategy.

Why do you need executive clients?

Often, professional services firms find themselves stuck in a loop that often leads nowhere. What I mean is, your professional services firm will establish contact with a company. In this company, you first come across employees who you pitch to, in turn, they pass you on to their superiors who pass you on to their superiors. At the end of it all, it’ll take too much time to make a sale.

Imagine cutting across all the middlemen and going straight to the decision makers?  That would help your firm save on time and simple things. The secret here is to ensure that you nail the one shot that you get.

Executives are not easy to impress, and they’re not known for second chances. You need executive clients to close sales faster, but for that, you need a fool-proof strategy.

How executives approach major service purchase:

To successfully delight executives into converting, you need to get a couple of things right. These are some of the measures they’ll look at to judge your readiness, value, and business-worthiness. These include:

 1. Your service

What is it you’re offering? That is the first important thing executive customers will be looking at before anything else. The way you present your services will determine how confident you are in the success. This tells your prospect whether or not to trust you.

Before approaching an executive, look at your presentation from their point of view. Answer the question why they need your services and why they should give you their time. Be ready to defend your brand as well as praise it.

 2. Pricing

The price tag you attach to your professional services is also a deciding factor for executives. This is how they look at it, if your prices are too low, you’re not the best there is, if they’re too high, you’re ripping them off. Basically, you need to attach a price range that matches your services perfectly. For instance, if you’re a financial adviser, you need to define all the changes they’ll incur undoubtedly. What’s your monthly fee?

A funding mechanism is essential for professional services firms because it’s not easy to weigh the value of information and how much you should charge for it.

 3. Customer service

How is your track record? What’s your response time for customer concerns? How satisfactory is your customer support? These are all factors executives need to find out before closing a sale. They want to be sure they’re doing business with a reputable company that will put their needs first.

It is not enough to say it; you need proof to back up your claim. That way, executive prospects have an easier time trusting what you mean.

 4. Employee management

How your employees portray, your professional services firm is also very crucial. The relationship you have with your employees and the quality of their work matters to executive customers. Since professional services firms rely on people to make connections, the quality of your workforce can help you close the deal faster.

To conclude:

It is E&A digital republics greatest aspiration to help with your professional services marketing and show you how executives approach a major service purchase. Armed with this knowledge, you’re in a better position to close sales even faster and grow your business. How executives approach a major service purchase gives you insights on what areas to focus your attention.

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