As more people start using the internet, business owners and marketing departments globally have started to realize the importance of advertising their brands on the internet. As a digital marketing agency, we have had the privilege of using Google Adwords for various campaigns.

1. What is Google Adwords?

Google’s advertising platform is known formally as “Google Adwords”. Adwords allows you to display your website in the Search engine results page (SERP) without having to wait for your website to “Organically” rise up the Search engine results page. This is known as “PAID SEARCH”. With Paid search, you can have your website in front of visitors in a matter of hours after completing your website, which we have done for quite a few clients. Under normal circumstances, this kind of exposure offered by google can take months of End to receive in.






Google recently confirmed in Feb 2016 that they will stop showing ads on the right hand side of desktops worldwide. What it basically means is that when you search for something on google you will not see results on your right hand side anymore. Google began testing the efficacy of these ads in 2010. As a result, Google will start showing a maximum of 4 ads as opposed to 2-3 ads. See above pic and below.

2. When will people see my ads?

The efficacy of Google AdWords lies here; Let’s say you have a business that sells Cellphone contracts, if, for example, someone searches for the keyword “Cellphone Contracts Johannesburg” in google, your ad will be shown, whereas if someone searches for the keyword “Financial Services Sandton” your ad will not be shown. What this means is that your advert only gets shown to people who are looking for what you have. This allows for efficient digital marketing.

3. What is Pay per click?

Pay per click also known as PPC is an efficient form of digital advertising that allows you to increase relevant website visitors. If you have a Budget of around R10.00 ($1.00) and you place an advert on google at R2.50 ($0.25) per click, then your ad will be shown on google search until 4 people click on it. For every click, you pay R2.50 ($0.25). So what this implies is if you wanted 8 people to visit your website you simply double your budget.


4. Bidding System:

If you Sell Cellphone contracts then chances are there’s probably another 10 companies who are also in the same business and are also using Google AdWords. So how does Google determine which 3 ads will be shown? The answer is through a bidding system. When setting up a Google Adwords campaign you decide how much you’re willing to “Pay per Click”(PPC) for adverts. Meaning how much you’re willing to spend every time someone clicks on your ad and goes to your website. Let’s say you’re willing to Spend: R5.40c ($0.54c) and “Company B” is willing to spend R9.60c ($0.96c), then Google will show your ad less frequently than company B. You both bid for the keyword and google shows it to the winner.

For Google AdWords to be successful it can form part of a holistic digital strategy, get in touch with us to find out how we can develop your online brand.

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