In August 2015 Facebook reached 1Billion daily users, keep in mind the planet has about 6-7 Billion people. What makes Facebook a great advertising platform is the vast amount of data collected by the social network. social network is Facebook’s secret weapon! The level of targeting that can be achieved is actually astonishing. When implementing Facebook campaigns for clients and show them the options available they’re often mind blown. We’ll get into that shortly.

1. What do you want to achieve?

When considering Adverts on Facebook the first option to look at is, what do you want to achieve? Below are the options available:

  • Boost your posts (Get your post in front of more people)
  • Promote your page (Get more likes on your page)
  • Send people to your website (Get more website traffic)
  • Increase conversions on your website (Tracking website visitors on Facebook)
  • Get installs of your app (Get more app downloads)
  • Increase engagement in your app (Get more people to use an already downloaded app)
  • Reach people near your business (Location based Ads)
  • Raise attendance at your event (Get more people to attend your event)
  • Get people to claim your offer (Have more give away sign ups)
  • Get video views (Get your video seen by more people)

Similarly to Google, Facebook has decreased the amount of ads it displays on the right hand side of the page, now Facebook displays suggestions.

2.Features of a Facebook Ad

The Title :

2.Features of a Facebook Ad
Features of a Facebook Ad

This is maximum of 25 characters, it can be the title of the Facebook page you’re advertising or custom text in other instances, depending on the type of ad you select. To the right you may have an option to like the page. Underneath in small grey text you will have the term “Sponsored” this lets users know that this is an advert.

The Body:

This consists of primarily two things, an Image and text. The Image has to be high resolution 1200 x 628 px. This ensures a clear crisp ad. The text is 135 Characters often describing the benefits of liking the page, attending event, installing the app etc…

Call to action:

This section is occupied by the advertiser’s intention often a link to your website or event attendance. See below

Call to action examples
Call to action examples


3.How does Facebook decide what ads to show you?

Imagine you have a Table Glass, and every day you add different colored drinks inside over a period of time. That’s how Facebook works, the glass is Facebook and the drinks is what you like on Facebook and the information you share. This allows Facebook to create the perfect tool for advertisers.

4.What information is available to advertisers?

As a Facebook user you’ve probably input some very basic demographic information such as:

  1. Your gender: Male or Female.
  2. Date of birth: AGE.
  3. Languages: English, French, Spanish etc..
  4. Location (city and country) Facebook also uses your phone’s GPS location.

Additionally there’s some more information available that most users have input such as:

  1. Relationship status (Single, in a relationship, engaged, married, divorced, widowed)
  2. Education (in high school, College or Varsity, Completed: Bachelor’s degree, Masters, Doctorate)
  3. School: Wits University, University of Johannesburg, UCT etc…
  4. Work: Name of company you work for
  5. Position: Job title, M.D , Manager, consultant, clerk, secretary


Interests is how Facebook’s knows who we are. It’s their “Money Maker”. The pages you like on Facebook are categorized in groups. i.e Let’s say you and your friend both like music. On Facebook you like a Katy Perry’s Facebook page and your friend likes the Page of Beyonce. Facebook knows that you and your friend are interested in two different genres of music. One Genre being pop and the other being RnB, this information can be useful for digital advertising companies  like us representing clients in the music industry.  it allows the advertiser to segment their audience in a very precise manner.


Let’s say we had a client that owns a shop that sells wedding dresses and wanted to advertise on Facebook, below is an example of how we target and select our audience:

Location: People who live in Sandton, Johannesburg,
Age: 22-30,
Gender: Female
Language: English
Relationship status: Engaged,
Interests: Dresses and shopping.

facebook 2


After Selecting Your demographics, below is an example of Even deeper Facebook segmentation:

Availbe Options
Availabe Options


Here we Selected: Relationship Status : Engaged.
Interested in Wedding Dresses
Interested n shopping for Dresses

Facebook 3


We Can then further segment by Education level

Facebook education

The general rule of Facebook advertising is : “Keep the user on Facebook”. This means ensure that the purpose of your ad does not include the user leaving Facebook for maximum result.

All the Facebook ads you see on your timeline are triggered by the data you share on Facebook, that way you will always see an ad that is relevant or appeals to you.

If you would like to conduct a Facebook campaign contact us today.

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