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Facebook Advertising explained – 6 features (PHOTOS)

In August 2015 Facebook reached 1Billion daily users, keep in mind the planet has about 6-7 Billion people. What makes Facebook a great advertising platform is the vast amount of data collected by the social network. social network is Facebook’s secret weapon! The level of targeting that can be achieved is actually astonishing. When implementing Facebook...
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Google Adwords explained in 4 basic parts

As more people start using the internet, business owners and marketing departments globally have started to realize the importance of advertising their brands on the internet. As a digital marketing agency, we have had the privilege of using Google Adwords for various campaigns. 1. What is Google Adwords? Google’s advertising platform is known formally as...
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Twitter launches self-serve ads in South Africa for Small businesses (how to guide)

 Twitter launches self-serve ads in South Africa for Small business (how to guide) In 2014 Social media is growing at an unprecedented rate. More and more people are utilising social media to post content, share photos or just simply to let their hair down. Business owners over the past couple of years have surely seen...
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