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Who doesn’t know the famous Steve Jobs, Apple’s magician? Well, before he took over Apple in 1997, the company suffered low sales, poor consumer interest and fierce competition that drove away its customers. The Apple brand couldn’t stand for much hence it didn’t stand out, this is common challenge firms face when seeking marketing consulting services. But Job totally flipped customer expectations right on their heads.

Oh, what a revolution the iMac was!

With a host of highly innovative products, classic images of modernity and minimalism, and a series of inspiring advertising and marketing campaigns packed with fresh ideas and fulfilling experiences, Apple rebranded, changing its reputation to attract a new and more diversified clientele, and bolstered itself as a leader in the competitive tech industry. That dramatic shift gave Apple the unstoppable momentum that many marketers still struggle to comprehend. 

Stunned by Apple’s tactic to grace?  We understand.

Ingvar Kamprad, Founder and CEO of IKEA once said, “I’m stingy and I’m proud of the reputation.”  That was his reputation—what he was known for. However, that’s just an individual perspective of reputation.

But, before you roll your eyes and go dah, consider the questions, “Who are you”? What is your brand known for? The answer to these questions can either be super easy or complex based on how philosophical you are.

While many individuals aren’t bothered about their online reputations, businesses and organizations in today’s virtual world rarely enjoy the luxury of making brand reputation an afterthought.

As a matter of fact, a brand’s online reputation has both rewards and risks and can mean success or failure. A single reputational mistake, if mismanaged, can plunge a multi-billion dollar organization into a financial free-fall.

What is a brand?

The simplest answer is—everything! Take a moment and think long and hard about your business.

Think about your whole customer experience, how you answer the phone, the way your employees treat clients and everything else from identity, content, website to social media. Everything is a brand.

In the most basic form, your brand is the way your audience perceives you; your promise to your consumer. It tells your clients what to expect from your solutions. It sums up their perceptions and experiences—some of which you can significantly influence when marketing consulting services.

Many organizations are not aware of the risks brought about by compromised brand identity and the level to which that poor online reputation can fickle and plummet faster than a disgruntled client hitting the ‘submit’ button on any review site.

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Why should you care about brand reputation?

According to Bright Local, 3 out of 4 (74%) consumers trust a company more if they read positive reviews about its brand (s).

A firm’s brand identity goes beyond a memorable name and logo, and functional attributes aimed at building trust and creating a strong emotional connection with the targeted audience.

It combines visibility and reputation to increase business value, helping you to gain new consumers a lot easier. If you haven’t given much thought to your brand image especially when marketing consulting services, you may want to consider the ramifications.

Yes, every successful marketing consulting firm depends on a solid brand reputation to grow and gain an edge in its niche. This is even the more reason why a business must walk the talk and make authentic connections with its customers. 

In our experience marketing consulting services we have found that brand reputation management should be a key aspect of any business. An organization that effectively focuses more on building a strong brand reputation sets itself apart in its realm.

Two things you must keep in mind

1. Consumers have numerous choices and little time

As competition churns infinite choices, businesses looking to thrive in tomorrow’s marketplace must invent ways of creating lasting emotional connections with customers, to the point of becoming irreplaceable while building solid relationships.

A brand with a strong reputation often stands out even when the marketplace is densely crowded. Consumers do fall in love with brands with a great reputation—they trust their superiority and promises.

“There is no advertisement as powerful as a positive reputation travelling fast.” – Brian Koslow

A brand reputation can have a significant impact on a company’s success irrespective of whether it is a product, start-up or fortune-500 company.

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2. Your marketing must add meaning to your brand

Consumers have never been inundated by advertisement as they are right now. Adverts are everywhere, across many channels; but how many of these have meaning?

Have you wondered what it is that makes a target audience go gaga? Seth Godin a renowned brand marketing expert and author of Purple Cow the best-selling book about how today’s companies can fully transform themselves by becoming truly remarkable, notes that “Connection, meaning, humanity, things that change them in some way. No one is impressed by your features or even your price. What we talk about is art, generosity, and products and services that make a difference.”

When it comes to marketing consulting services, focusing on winning a share of the customer’s wallet isn’t enough—you must win their minds and hearts as well.


In conclusion

While establishing a great brand reputation is a life-long process, losing it can happen in a flash. The ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ reactions from the ever-expanding global marketplace can make or break you.  

Every forward-thinking business must therefore commit to shaping its online identity to convey integrity, trustworthiness and leadership.

Thankfully, an increasing number of companies are collaborating with top influencers in a bit to generate high quality video content and develop experiential marketing actions with heart-wrenching advertising campaigns to deeply connect with their target audience.

In this internet era with a rapidly evolving technology environment, brand reputation will drive the next evolution of marketing. The new generation consumers want more than just being mere consumers—they want to connect, participate and be part of the process. Let your brand deliver what they expect and need for a great reputation.  As professionals in marketing consulting services, you can contact us or grab our free marketing assessment. 




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