About us

Who are we?

The E&A Digital republic story

Back in 2012 we started off as a web development agency (E&A webdesign lab), with great success in developing websites, iPhone apps.  

A few years later we realized having a website was only the beginning of a successful marketing story.  We rebranded called ourselves “E&A Digital Republic”.  Our philosophy was now to do marketing that gets results. We began focusing on PPC such as Adwords and Facebook as well as content marketing and SEO.

We also decided to run our digital marketing campaigns along with our clients. We learned two things: the first thing we learned was the amount of work that goes into implementing a successful digital campaign was allot more than we anticipated, the second was that digital marketing really works. You can get the exact type of customer you want if you take the time to research and strategies accordingly

Focusing on the Legal Industry 

In 2019 Covid-19 brought the world to a standstill and thankfully we and our clients managed to survive. In this period we decided to focus on offering our services to LAW FIRMS. After working with several law firms and other consulting firms this was the next logical step in our Journey. Doing Digital marketing solely law firms will allow us to become professionals in one industry and cater to the unique needs of Law firms in South Africa. 

Digital Marketing is allot of work

First thing we learned

Don’t underestimate the workload and hours involved.

Digital Marketing works

Second thing we learned

You’ll definitely get customers & leads when done right.

What's the bigger picture?


We’re a small team with big ambitions. We always look at the bigger picture to determine what plans and strategies can we put in place to achieve long term growth for us and our clients. We don’t strive for short term success but long term and intelligent customer growth. One of our philosophies is: “If our customer grows, we grow”.

Everyone who works for E&A digital republic shares the same drive: to provide valuable marketing services and collateral that make a real difference to our clients. Our proven process is constantly being improved. It all hinges on a good strategy, well-defined processes and our expert skills. 

Free digital assessment

Let us analyze your website, content, social media and google rankings to see where things are going right, or going wrong.