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Who are we?

The E&A Digital republic story

Back in 2012 we started off as a web development agency (E&A webdesign lab), with great success in developing websites, iPhone apps and customized software. The general trend was we’d create a website or app, then run a PPC campaign but we weren’t seeing adequate results or being able to report the results properly, we saw there were to many missing pieces in the marketing process. 

Then we found HubSpot, read their inbound marketing philosophy and realised it was the missing piece our clients had been waiting for all these years. We decided to implement Inbound marketing ourselves and we learned three things: the first thing we learned was the work that goes into implementing inbound was allot more than we anticipated, second was that inbound marketing really works, third was; we should have started with a strategy before implementing inbound marketing. 

Inbound marketing works because it recognises the way we as individuals buy things have changed. Since E&A digital republic’s early days, inbound has matured as a concept and we’ve focused our services to make the most of this methodology. HubSpot technology has evolved too because buyer behaviour has moved on again, and businesses are running to keep up. While we might be improving how we implement inbound marketing, its fundamental principles remain the same. 

Inbound is allot of work

First thing we learned

Don’t under estimate the work load.

Inbound Marketing works

Second thing we learned

You’ll definitely get customers & leads.

Start we strategy

Third thing we learned

A strategy first approach works better.

What's the bigger picture?


We’re a small team with big ambitions. We always look at the bigger picture to determine what plans and strategies can we put in place to achieve long term growth for us and our clients. We don’t strive for short term success but long term and intelligent customer growth. One of our philosophies is: “If our customer grows, we grow”.

Everyone who works for E&A digital republic shares the same drive: to provide valuable marketing services and collateral that make a real difference to our clients. Our proven process has been six years in the making. It all hinges on HubSpot technology and inbound marketing concepts, applied with our expert skills. 

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