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Do you know that 80% of clients who need professional services search for providers online? Wow, you may have just booked an appointment with a dentist, lawyer or any consultant. That makes you part of the 80% clients.

Let me hit the nail on its head now as I invite you to take a walk through these six tips that will help you improve your content quality for professional services marketing strategy.

Essential tips that will improve content quality for professional services marketing

As I previously mentioned  in Building your content marketing plan and 4 things to consider before starting content creation in your Professional Services Marketing, professional services marketing majors on building engagements and communications. Therefore, your content should address the questions that your audience may have. Here are the tips that you can use to improve content quality for successful professional services marketing strategy.

1.Be Conversational and use simple terms for your audience

I believe that by the time you decide to write content, you have your target audience at the back of your mind. All you need now is to develop a good professional services marketing strategy that will address their needs.

As a copywriter, strive to maintain specific tone and voice that will move your audience to take the next action.

Talk to your audience as a friend. You know sometimes friends crack jokes, right? Therefore, it won’t do any harm to entertain your audience once in a blue moon even if your content is professional. But don’t overdo jokes.

You should also not address your readers’ questions using complex terms. For effective professional services marketing strategy, I recommend that you use simple words that your audience will easily digest. This is because in some cases, your audience may not have good command in language.

2.Research and deliver exclusive content

Everything you need is on the internet. But sometimes it may be like looking for a needle in a haystack since internet has mixed information.

You need to employ your research skills to get all relevant information and facts. You may know everything related to your niche like the back of your hand, but you still need to research.

Your niche has other competitors who also provide professional services. You must come up with content that will prompt your users to share with other readers. Therefore, you have to come up with unique content that will differentiate you from the crowd. Otherwise, if you copy everything that your competitors do, your content will not rank highly on search engines.

One of the ways of creating exclusive content is by quoting the words of some experts and thought leaders within your niche. By doing this, your audience will trust the information that is straight from the horse’s mouth. Sometimes, you can also write emails to these industry experts and get accurate information. Remember, your readers want authentic and credible information!

Moreover, you need to optimize your content when writing. Your keyword density should be okay, flesch readability and SEO score should also show the green mark on Yoast SEO. Your content should also have a meta-description and compelling headline. Moreover, you should remember to have inbound links!

3. Answer as many questions as possible 

Let’s say you’re a management consultant and you walked into a client meeting certain that you’ll hear a set of  common questions? That’s not by chance as professional your used to fielding answers to set of common questions. When interacting with potential or existing clients, you are often asked various questions related to the service you firm offers. In order to create good quality content you need to publish posts around those very same questions. The best way is to jot down every question you hear from clients on a piece of paper or on your phone, even if the question seems obvious or pointless to you, chances are there’s someone out there with that same question. This should be an ongoing process, that never ends until your convinced that you’ve answered every possible client question with a blog post or ebook on your website.

Another way of looking at it is: If you had to write a book that outlines in detail the expertise and services your firm does and how it does it, you should put all that information or at-least 80% in your content. Your website should be the “Wikipedia” of your industry. You should answer Every question imaginable under the sun related to your industry or service through the content you create.

4.Illustrate your points using visuals

Do you know that the human brain understands visual messages faster than written or spoken words? It may consume you longer to understand spoken messages, but when presented in pictures, you will easily understand.

I remember recently, after writing a political article my colleague summarized it using a cartoon picture. Believe it or not, the picture had more information than my writing.

Indeed a picture speaks more than a thousand words. Therefore, I am convinced that the use of illustrations and images in your content can improve your online visibility.

The use of videos as one of the professional services marketing strategies is also increasing. For a properly planned professional services marketing, you can include videos of interviews with the organization’s professions. For example, an interview of a lawyer on a particular case that you wish your audience to know may generate many social media shares hence visibility.

You can also illustrate some processes using charts. The use of such techniques will increase your content quality and subsequently ranking.  

5. Include facts, data and examples

I’ll take you back to the beginning of this writing, what fact do you see? I believe you got it. You need to give facts that are relevant to your writing to improve your content. Including facts may not improve your content quality but giving inaccurate information may blow your work.

It’s advisable that you also include relevant data that will help your readers trust your content. Moreover, you should include sources of vital data for reference.

Examples also play an important role since you give practical examples to your readers. Taking the case of what you are now reading, I have used several examples. Do you recall when I mentioned that my colleague drew a cartoon image that had more information than my writing? So the ball is on your court, use more examples in your content.

6.Use online tools to improve your quality

After writing your content, you need to proofread it. We recommend that you take a break before proofreading your work. You can use online tools for checking grammar errors and typos that may appear in your content. Some of these tools include grammarly, hemmingwayapp and others.  You also need to format your content and bold necessary details before publishing your content.

You also need to format your content and bold necessary details before publishing your content.


Creating high quality content for professional services marketing will require you to follow all these six steps. If you need more for better professional services marketing, download the ebook below.

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