Professional services firms can’t ever boast of instant gratification because that’s not how the industry works, the same is true with regards to SEO best practices. Your strategy will differ from product-based businesses. Why? Because such firms need to cultivate relationships with prospects and leads.

Professional services marketing strategies focus on the long-term relationship with a lead. You need to build a reputation and assert yourself as an expert in your industry. How do you do this? By ensuring that you showcase your expertise and uphold credibility. Also, become a thought leader and rank for key search terms on google.

Digital marketing is a blessing to the professional services industry. However, you need to use it wisely. There are a plethora of tactics you can apply to your business but remember, not all will work.

So how do you pick the best? Focus on the tactics that work for professional marketing, that’s your best bet. You are not pushing a product; therefore, you can’t rope yourself in with businesses that don’t offer services.

Professional marketers have realized that content marketing is a necessity, not just a tool. In this industry, where everyone is racing to sell content, you have to establish your authority. Accomplish this through creating valuable content, being authentic and remaining consistent, Building your content marketing plan will help you achieve this and also what to consider before starting content creation.

As for your firm, how to push your content and keep it moving should never take a backseat in your daily discussions.

How do you survive in professional services marketing?

What you need for your business is people. The good news is that, unlike products that have expiry dates, your knowledge and expertise is timeless. There’s bad news however, if you fail to create sustainable relationships with prospects, you lose.

Marketing strategies help you focus on getting people to listen to what you have to say. Unfortunately, this easier said than done because today’s fast-paced world hardly leaves any spare time. For you to convince people to spare you their time, you need to be better than “good” , you ought to be exceptional.

This is where SEO comes to the rescue. With careful planning and the right implementation of SEO, you can get ahead.

Quick tip; you have to keep going. Start by steadily climbing the ranks and once you’re at the top, don’t look back. Put enough distance between you and your competitors. There are enough stories of companies that rise to the top of Google searches, then get comfortable, if you think sportsmen and women are the only ones that compete fiercely, then you need to feel what it’s like to rank No.1 for a lucrative keyword on Google.

The first step…

The first step is understanding today’s SEO. As one of the essential tools to success, you need to stay ahead and evolve with it. Secondly, your content needs to speak for itself. While SEO is useful, it is no fairy godmother to botched content.

What is today’s SEO? Today’s SEO is a better way of optimizing content for search. Forget keywords and backlinks for a second. Emphasis on for a second because they are still important.

Today, the only way you get ahead is through attraction and conversion. In other words, it doesn’t matter where you rank on google algorithms any more. Use SEO to optimize content for prospects and leads not for ranking on google.

Having said that; it’s now time to look at your website. Optimizing content accounts for a large percentage of the work but doesn’t forget about your site. Professional services firms need to remain competitive because no one is ready to slow down. And why would they when the demand for information is ever surging?

So, ask yourself, when last did you update your site and audit it for SEO? While you may not like the answer, there is hope for you. You need updates and audits because keyword patterns and web design trends are ever changing.

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Importance of Search Engine Optimization

You need to first understand that SEO is a pervasive tool. It covers a lot in the digital marketing world. For instance, you need SEO for blogging. You also need it for web design. The core importance of SEO I want to cover is content optimization.

Did you know that 65% of professional marketing firms have blogs? Did you also know that these firms regularly publish content? The biggest mistake you can make for your business is to think you’ve done enough.

According to statistics, having a blog means nothing if you don’t optimize it for discovery by prospects. Are you fully awake now? Good, here is another shocker.

Did you know that even with an excellent marketing strategy, you could fail? Having a driving license doesn’t automatically make you a good driver. The same logic applies to content marketing. Yes, you have the tools but are you executing them effectively?

This is especially true for SEO. You can’t afford to sit back and watch after incorporating a few keywords and backlinks into your content.

What are the best SEO practices to succeed in marketing your firm? Here are six winning practices:

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Six SEO best practices for professional services marketing

1.   Research, research, research

I can’t emphasize enough the need to research. Know the trends as they happen and fall into them if you want success. Using SEO blindly will not achieve much. You need to research what SEO tactics work such as link building and what keywords you intend to target and the search volume for each keyword.

2. Embrace both on-site and off-site SEO

Until recently, you would’ve gotten away with on-site SEO efforts but not today. If you stop at keywords and meta-tags, you’ll fail. Off-site SEO efforts will build your credibility and have you ranking highest regarding discoveries. Remember, when other professional websites link to yours, your site gains more authority.

3. Install web analytics

Whether instant or not, everyone needs gratification. Therefore, gauge how your site is doing before and after SEO. Establish a baseline before you begin SEO efforts. After fully fledging into SEO, get your analytics report and watch the impressive transformation your site undergoes.

4. Set realistic goals for your SEO efforts

While SEO is magical, you can’t just say abracadabra and achieve top rank in no time. You have to be realistic with the time you set for your strategy. SEO is a long-term strategy that is worth the wait. As an indispensable tactic for professional services firms, allow it room to work. Moreover, SEO is one part of your strategy, don’t treat it as your whole strategy.

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5.Take advantage of existing content

Many professional services firms don’t realize they’re sitting on information gold mines. Grab what you have and let it take you where you want to go. Use the content you already have, and SEO optimize it. You don’t always need new content, what you have can put you on the map if adequately optimized.

6.Have an attention-grabbing meta-description

Remember when I said it doesn’t matter where you rank nowadays? Even if you are top ten on google rankings and your meta-description is poorly crafted, no one will visit your site. Excellent SEO utilization will get you the ranking, and your content will be valuable; however, you may never get traffic. Why? For the simple reason that your meta-description is off-putting. SEO will get you to the top, but you have to captivate and lure people to click.

In conclusion

E&A digital republic is here to help you get through to your audience. First, embrace our SEO best practices for your marketing strategy. These six SEO best practices for will assist you to execute your strategy better.

Contact us to find out if these practices work for your professional services firm or grab our free marketing assessment. We are here for you.



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