50 Practical Inbound Travel Marketing Ideas For 201829 min read


Below we are going to present 50 of the most effective and practical inbound marketing tips that have been implemented by world renowned travel and airline companies and are supposed to be the secret behind their growing their business and overall success. In the mean time if you would like to find out why your website is not getting you the leads you want take advantage of our Free digital marketing assessment.

Inbound marketing is an innovative concepts that allows destinations and businesses within the travel industry to structure their consumer marketing around generating sales leads and converting leads to into sales. Our approach drastically minimizes the use of traditional “push” marketing like print ads, and television ads – all designed to push someone into doing something, but often in an unfocused, ineffective, and expensive manner.

Travel Marketing Idea # 01:

“Plan ahead of time and make offers that attract people ahead of time”.

 The above inbound marketing strategy is used by travel and leisure.com. According to “The World Stream Blog”, people who are interested in planning airline tours start searching for new ideas, promotions and discount offers given by different travel and tour companies.

mobile travel marketing

First of all every prospective customer thinks where to travel and what to do? How to book the most price friendly travel and tour operators and how to search for them. So, if you want to attract future customers, post your healthy discount deals and pricing packages on social media and make your website presentable and attractive so that one can never move forward after having a single glance of your website.

The basic three marketing tips used by this travel agency are.

  • Give attractive travel offers to the target audience.
  • Use keywords related to exciting tour packages in arranging your website.
  • Keep a complete data of the interested customers who frequently visit your page and deliver them newsletters regarding the new exciting offers.

For more details contact travel and leisure .com at twitter, The Top 10 Tour Operators via @TravelLeisure or visit their website Travel leisure.

Travel Marketing Idea # 02:

“Understand the micro- moment in travel.”

Search advertising for travel agencies

According to Contoso Travel.com, their’s some precious moments in every travel’s life that every travel company should cash in on. They further explained the four micro- moments as under.

  • The Dreaming Moment

When a prospective client dreams to go for a trip.

  • Planning Moment

It is a time when a customer plans some destination to visit and explore.

  • Booking Moment

These are the most important moments, as the target customer is searching for some good travel advisor to book for the trip.

  • Experiencing Moment

This is the final moment where the performance of travel agency can leave a lifelong impression on the minds of the customer and can make them the loyal ones.

Keeping in view the above mentioned micro moment, Contoso Travel.com organized the following marketing tips.

  • Advertise your agency in such a way that it comes in the eyes of the customer at the very first glance.
  • Give attractive tour packages to inspire the customers.
  • Make the booking activities easiest for the target customers.

Travel Marketing Idea # 03:

“Your email database is one of your most valuable assets”.

              Influence of travel reviews

According to one of the most popular travel agencies of Canada, Gray & Co., the best marketing strategy for any travel and tour company is to be active on your email database round the clock. They believe in the power of email marketing campaigns and connect with their permanent and also new customers through emailing them timely newsletters. The key marketing tips of Gray & Co. are mentioned below.

  • Share the latest updates and exciting offers with your clients through blogs and content marketing.
  • Use chat bot to keep your target customers well aware of the latest promotions you use for the marketing of your company.
  • Travel reviews are much helpful to increase your revenues and maximize sales.

But the basic tip is that being a travel agent, you should be present online round the clock. If you are using travel reviews, be prompt to respond accordingly. A delayed response or neglected review creates bad impression on the minds of prospective customers.

Connect with them on twitter at: @adventuretweets  or visit their website Gray & Co

Travel Marketing Idea # 04:

Try to understand your target customers”.

        travel marketing demographics

According to ‘Regency Travel & Tours, Qatar’, in order to sell your services well you have to understand your target audience first. Not only on the basis of gender, age, social status but also about their preferences, likes and family trends. According to a research women are the people behind making family vacation plans and 595 of all tours related searches are done by women. This research generates the following marketing tips by Regency Travel & Tours;

  • As the most searches are made by women, they should be the target customer of the travel industry and all marketing plans should be made to attract women mainly.
  • All marketing strategies should be made keeping in view the customer’s persona and emotional ads should be made that can make them to click to the site.
  • Introduce those adventure and thrills in your tour plans that can attract women mainly.

If you want to contact Regency Travels and Tours, visit their twitter account: @RegencyTravels  or visit their website Regency Travels .

Travel Marketing Idea # 05:

“Give your customers what they want”.

World’s famous tour operator, ‘Heritage Tours’ design their marketing strategies keeping in view the choices of their customers. They plan to organize their travel packages according to the desires of their target customers.

travel marketing keywords

Heritage Travel and Tours explain their marketing tips as under.

  • Make sure that you offer what your customers want, a complete recreational trip with consumer friendly rates.
  • Introduce exclusive indoor and outdoor activities that can attract the fun people.
  • Get your customers where they want to go, offer them exciting road and cruise trips with other amusement activities.

Heritage Travels takes their customer’s choice as their first priority and that is why they research about their customer’s interests before launching any new tour package. The working philosophy of Heritage Tours revolves around getting their prospective clients interested in whatever they want for their vacations. They know that the customer is always willing to pay for everything they are interested in. This is why it’s always the in marketing strategy of the company. That’s how they motivate the customer towards their product and service. For more information get in touch on twitter @heritagetoursor visit their website Heritage Tours.

Travel Marketing Idea # 06:

“Find out how people search for travel packages and agencies”.

This marketing strategy is usually implemented by world famous TCS World Travel. Though it is a high profile travel agency that even arranges for private –jet expeditions for their worthy clients but the what matters is how they introduce their new travel projects. Other amenities provided by the company always receive heavy appreciation from their clients. The basic reason behind this success is their marketing campaign. Let us have a look at their other marketing tips.

  • Go where target clients search for the travel companies, either mobile, newspaper or social media more.
  • If the target customers search for travel operators through their mobile phones, then start your marketing campaign through cell phone advertising.
  • Target the customers at the very right time and right device that they use for searching.

Contact at @TCSWorldTravel or visit their website TCS World Travel .


Travel Marketing Idea # 07

“Always be on time when it comes to reaching the target audience”.

Expedia Travel and tours works upon on the above mentioned marketing tip. Expedia is listed in the top leading travel agencies of the world in 2017 and the reason behind their success is that they know when to reach their respected customers. According to them there is always a specific time for every kind of tour expedition. They explain this theory as below:

Image result for images for travel guide courses

Best Time for Travel Research

  1. Cruises:

People’s demand for cruise trip in the winter season mostly when January is at its peak.

  1. Beaches:

Till winter till the spring season, people love to visit beaches. So, marketing campaigns should be maximum during this time period.

Three marketing tips used by Expedia Travel.

  • The travel agency should know which is the best time to visit where.
  • If the people are willing to go for a cruise trip, don’t insist they travel to the desser.
  • Target the right age group of prospective customers at the best time.

Contact Expedia Travel at twitter.

@expedia or  Expedia Website

Travel Marketing Idea # 08:

“Facebook ads are the best source to promote your products and services”.

travel industry rlsa tips

According to Trafalgar Travel, social media is the most powerful; marketing tool for every industry. This popular travel and tour agency implement the following three marketing strategies in their daily operations.

  • According to recent surveys Facebook is the excessively used social network platform and placing your ads on Facebook will show dynamic results in the long run.
  • Prompt and eye catchy Facebook ads attracts every user’s attention.
  •  Change the ads weekly so that every time they can attract people with a new look.

Contact Trafalgar Travel at; @Trafalgartalk – Trafalgar Website .

Travel Marketing Idea # 09:

“Maximize your visibility on SERPs by bidding heavily on your own brand terms”.

branded travel searches

What is SERP? The term SERP is actually an acronym. It stands for “Search Engine Results Page”. SERPs are web page listings that return search results based on a keyword query. So essentially, when you create a Google search, the pages that come up with your results are SERPs.

According to Costamar Travel, bidding on your own brand terms means that your competitors will be getting less clicks while you will be excessively clicked. The basic marketing tips practiced by this travel agency are as under.

  • Bidding on personal brand will provide you with 44% increase in real clicks and attributed payments.
  • Brand terms are at their peak for theme parks and cruise trips, so avail them as soon as possible.
  • The first preference of the travel company should be to elevate their visibility on SERPS.

For further information contact them at @uscostam or Costamar Website

Travel Marketing Idea # 10:

“Remarketing your services and company on search engines will make your customers to turn back to your website”.

Kuoni Travel earn their reputation on search engines by practicing the following marketing tips.

  • It is not necessary that you market your services and products just only once on the search engines.
  • Repeated marketing will make the target customers to recall your agency and develops their interest in your agency.
  • Search engines are the direct source of gathering maximum traffic towards your website, so use it intelligently.

If you want to get more information about Kuoni Travels join them at twitter account, @kuonitraveluk or visit their website: kuoni.co.uk

Travel Marketing Idea # 11:

“Convenient and customizing your services will drive a seasonal customer into a loyal one.”

Maldives Travel is one of the renowned travel and tour agency from Maldives that emphasize on the preferences of their worthy customers to attain their desired goals. For travel marketing, they practice few very practical kind of tips, let us have a look at some of them.

  • Customize your travel packages according to the choices and preferences of your client.
  • If the customer wishes to have a long cruise trip in the lengthy summer nights, do arrange a cost friendly cruise travel package for them.
  • Listen to the customer carefully and provide all those services to the customers that came in the wish list of your customer.
  • Make your customer feel honored by providing them special customized services.

Contact Get into Maldives Travel at, @maldives

Travel Marketing Idea 12:

“Though it is an era where self-service is appreciated but develop a friendly relationship with your client.”

Allure Travel by CTM is a trustworthy travel and tour agency that gained its popularity by making their travel services convenient to be used. Here are the top marketing tips practiced by Allure Travel by CTM.

  • Personalized services are a way of developing long lasting friendly relationship with your customers.
  • Nothing is impossible, though arranging a trip on the choice of your customer is quite complex but it is never impossible.
  • Work on the preferences of your customer and offer them any kind of personalized service that they require at their travel destination.
  • Arrangement of customer’s choice accommodation and other facilities will make their tour awesome and unforgettable one.

If you want to have more information regarding the travel packages of Allure Travel by CTM, contact at this twitter account, @alluretravelus or visit their website alluretravel

Travel Marketing Idea 13:

“Categorize the market into two travel types, one for those with financial means but less time and second those with lot of time but limited pocket”.

Mundo Joven is a travel and tour agency that works quite intelligently and has gained popularity after a long period of hard work and endeavor. Let us have a glance at their inbound marketing tips.

  • Work for the two basic categories of customers, elite class with loads of money, middle class with limited finances.
  • The travel packages should be according to the pockets of these two basic group of travels.
  • Develop a good business relationship with world’s famous 7 star as well as 4 star hotels to arrange stay for both category of customers.

No matter what you have little finances but a big heart and desire to spend them on your travel love or have huge finances, Mundo Joven is always there to assist their customers with attractive travel packages. Contact them on twitter, @mundo_joven  or website: Mundojoven Website

Travel Marketing Idea 14:

Evaluate your pitch, do your clients feel comfortable enough to discuss their ideas with you?”

Memorize the top three messages you convey through your conversation.

Trails of Indochina is a well-known name in the world of tourism and they perform their functions under the three marketing principles.

  • Clarity, conciseness and courtesy are the three major aspects that should be reflected through your conversation with the client.
  • Always use a motivational and counselling tone that can make the customers feel easy while discussing their ideas about travelling with you.
  • Your public dealing is a key to direct success and will take you to the ultimate goals.

 Click to this twitter link to get connected with Trails of Indochina, @followourtrail website Trailsofindochina Website


Travel Marketing Idea # 15:

“Build a positive reputation through the reviews left by good clients.”

Reviews and Testimonials

Club Travel, South Africa deeply emphasizes on the importance of their customers reviews and take it as the best feedback to improve their services. The three major marketing principles according to Club Travel, South Africa are as below.

  • Make your company’s website a direct way to get feedback from your clients.
  • Always motivate your previous customers to leave a feedback review on your web page about their experience with your services.
  • Highlight the positive reviews given by the clients as they will help a in building your online reputation.

For further details contact here, @clubtravelsa Website: Club travel  Website

Travel Marketing Idea # 16:

“First impression is always the last impression. Make your first interaction with a client is an unforgettable one.”

Vie travel is preferred by travellers across the world because of their diligent interaction with their clients. They believe in the truth that if your first experience with the customer is positive and helpful, the customers will certainly make a decision to revert towards your company for the next time also. The basic marketing tips practiced by the company.

  • Be courteous and friendly while dealing with your clients.
  • Train the staff to make a convenient and friendly interaction with their clients.
  • Make conversations with the clients an unforgettable experience, for them so that they can revert back to you whenever they plan for a tour again.

For further information contact, @vietravelgroup Website: vietravel.com.vn

Travel Marketing Idea # 17:

“Present your expertise, don’t sell your deals”.

Rovia Travel is practicing its expertise in the tourism field by presenting its high quality services to their clients and follow the following marketing tips.

  • People are more interested in the services you offer and least in the attractive discount packages.
  • Remarkable services always leave long lasting impacts as attractive travel packages are presented by every second agency but not good customer services.
  • One should present its values as well but along with vibrant services.

The contact details of Rovia travel are as mentioned below.

@roviaofficial Website: Rovia – We Create Travelers

Travel Marketing Idea # 18:

“Always be open to modify and change how you do things.”

Carlson Waqonlit Travel is a well reputed travel agency that believes in transformation according to the latest trends. The marketing tips practiced by this agency are as under.

  • Always remain open for transformations.
  • Do in Rome as the Romans do, a very famous proverb and the secret behind the success of Carlson Waqonlit Travel.
  • Change the service passages along with the current changes in the tourism trends of this time.

Contact Carlson Waqonlit Travel at their twitter account, @CarlsonWagonlit Website: Carlsonwagonlit Travel

Travel Marketing Idea 19:

“Learn from the experiences shared by previous customers”.

Vermillion International Maldives work with the following marketing strategy.

  • Keep a record of your customer’s previous experience of traveling with you.
  • If the customer’s experience is wasn’t a good one, explore the reasons and try to eliminate the weaknesses in your services through them.
  • Post the positive feedback from your client on your web page and attract people through them.

You can talk to Vermillion International Maldives, join them on their twitter account.

@vermilionwlad Website: Vermillion International Maldives

Travel Marketing Idea # 20:

“Create a tourism promotional plan for your future destination, do not drive blindly.”

The Priceline Group prefer to follow the following marketing tips to promote their travel and tour business.

  • They believe in helping people in making their travelling experience brilliant.
  • Always adopt a systematic promotional campaign, do not follow the existing trends blindly.
  • Promote travel and tourism through your advertising campaign, do not only sell your services blindly through it.

For more details about the traveling plans contact at; @pricelinegroup Website: The Priceline group

Travel Marketing Idea # 21:

“Influencer programs are a source of driving exposure”.

Las Vegas Sands is a fairly well known travel company that works with the following promotional strategies:

  • Take the services of YouTube Vloggers, bloggers, content writers etc to advertise your services in front of your prospective customers.
  • Develop interesting travel and tour documentary programs to promote your services.
  • People find it more interesting to explore new travel companies through different documentary movies.

For an exciting tour around the world contact Las Vegas Sands at, @LasVegasSands Website: Las Vegas Sands 

tourism marketing Drive Exposure with Influencer Programs


Travel Marketing Idea # 22:

“Develop an amazingly interesting travel guide about the areas included in your tour plan”.

tourism marketing Create an Amazing Guide About Your Area

Walt Disney Travels is a well- known name in the travel and tourism industry and they practice a different methodology to inspire their target customers. Let us have a glance at their marketing tips:

  • Create an attractive travel guide for all the destinations you are offering.
  • Upload this attractive travel guide on your website and other search engines in order to attract customers towards your company.
  • The travel guide should be designed with colorful pictures of the places you will include in your travel package and also of those hotels where you are going to accommodate your customers.

Visit Walt Disney travels at their twitter account, @waltdisneyworld and website Walt Disney travel .

Travel Marketing Idea # 23:

“Create an open forum on your Facebook page where people can directly ask you questions about the services you offer”.

Delta Air Lines has achieved much popularity in the airline industry because of their friendly interaction with their clients through social media. Their marketing strategy says that.

  • Prompt response to the clients leaves a positive impression on them.
  • Provide a 24/7 online help to satisfy all the queries of your customers.
  • Your Facebook page is the most effective media to promote your airline.

For further details contact.  @Delta and website Delta Airlines

Travel Marketing Idea # 24: 

tourism marketing Create Awesome Destination Videos

“Watching video content about the destination they want to visit is more exciting”.

Galaxy Entertainment believes in the impact of audio-visual aids for the marketing purpose, let us have a look at some of its marketing tips.

  • Create impressive videos of all the future destinations you are going to explore in coming future.
  • Post these videos on social media for self- promotion.
  • You can also take help from some famous celebrities to work in your videos as it will leave a long lasting impression.

Contact Galaxy Entertainment on twitter @galaxy_ent and their website Galaxy Entertainment .

Travel Marketing Idea # 25:

“Offer an exciting challenge contest among your target customers”.

Carnival Corp attracts their prospective customers with new and innovative ideas. Let us have a glance at their marketing tips.

  • Create travel related contest for your customers and offer discount to the winners.
  • Invite kids and youth to enter the contest related to your next travel package.
  • Contest and other such activities will create a desire for exploring new destinations.

To make a direct contact with Carnival Corp, click on this link.  @CarnivalPLC and website Carnival Corp .

Travel Marketing Idea # 26:

“Do something special to look unique and different on social media.”

tourism marketing Show Off What Makes You Unique on Social Media

Host Hotels and Resorts have been in the travel industry for a while now and are specialized in providing customized services to their clients. Their marketing tips can be elaborated as mentioned below.

  • Try to be different, if other companies are offering a tour to Sahara in winter move to Siberia instead.
  • Customized services are a way to proove to your customers that they are valued by your company.

Join Host Hotels and Resorts on their website, Host Hotels & Resorts Website .

Travel Marketing Idea # 27:

“Focus on something new and interesting in the area to explore”.

Continental travel agency have trust and innovation at the centre of their marketing. See some examples below:

  • Introduce interesting facts about the places you are going to take people with on tours.
  • Sometimes a seasonal event, cultural occasion also attracts travellers.
  • Attract your customers towards a new way to explore destinations, reason being people are more interested in having new experiences.

For further inquiry, visit @travels_oz website Continental travel agency .

Travel Marketing Idea # 28:

“Arrange travel guide symposiums to attract people in your area”.

Image result for travel agency marketing images

Southwest Airlines practice the following marketing tips to deliver their offers to their flying customers.

  • An effective promotional tip is to arrange travel guide seminars and to attract people towards your travel packages.
  • Organize travel related training programs in universities and colleges to attract younger travellers.

Contact Southwest Airlines on twitter @SouthwestAir or visit their website SouthWest Airlines

Travel Marketing Idea # 29:

“Highlight the advantage of the products and services you are offering to ideal customers.”

Amadeus Travel Company entertains their customers with their premium services and practice the following marketing tips.  

  • What remarkable services are you providing to your customers that can act as a benchmark for your company’s reputation?
  • Promote these offers that distinguish you from other travel companies.
  • Discuss the benefits of travelling with your company and the extra perks one can avail from your company.

For further info contact the company at, @amadeusnews or visit their website Amadeus Travel .

Travel Marketing Idea # 30:

“Extending B2B networking to facilitate your target customers”.

Starwood Travels experiences great customer turnover by practicing the following marketing tips.

  • Build good relationships with your partners.
  • More business partners will assist you financially and help in spreading your business.
  • Train your employees to learn the art of B2B networking and collaborating with the partners.

Contact Starwood Travels at, @starwoodbuzz  or visit their website Starwood  travel .

Travel Marketing Idea # 31:

“Offer the best possible rates by decreasing the revenues.”

Hilton Worldwide works with deep marketing strategies, let us have a look at them.

  • Raise the number of customers by lowering down the internal costs.
  • Lowering the prices isn’t always the best way to attract valuable customers.

Join Hilton Worldwide on twitter, @hiltonnewsroom or visit their website Hilton Worldwide.

Travel Marketing Idea # 32:

“Creating mobile app for your travel company”.

Related image

Marriott travels knows that majority of their customers use their mobile devices to perform various day to day  tasks. Below are some marketing tactics they implemented.

  • Introducing a mobile app for Marriott travels so that target customers can catch the latest offers made by them just at a click.
  • Mobile app should be easy to install and should include every info about the company’s contact details.
  • Ensure your website is a “mobile first” website. Meaning that it was developed with mobile users as first priority and desktop consumers second.

Contact Marriott travels at, @marriott or visit their website Marriott travels .

Travel Marketing Idea # 33:

“Use print media for maximum exposure to the budget traveler.”

Colombia Travel is an economical type of travel agency that practices the following marketing tips.

  • A large group of the country’s population are budget travelers, so the travel keeps this mind when creating packages.
  • Print media newspaper, magazines and advertising pamphlets are the direct source of gathering attention of the budget traveller.
  • You can never underestimate those who have high desires but small budgets, so lower your rates to cherish their dreams.

Contacted at their twitter account  @Colombiatravel or visit their website Colombia Travel

Travel Marketing Idea # 34:

“Collaborate with sports travel groups and make your travel packages more exciting”.

BCD Travel has their own distinct way of attracting target customers. Let us have a look at their marketing campaign.

  • Attract the enthusiastic youth by adding some sports events and tournaments with your travel package.
  • Arrange travel tours during the soccer or football seasons and organize trips to those countries and cities, like football tournaments and stadiums.
  • For the skiing lovers offer handsome packages for a trip to Siberian or swiss alps.

For an exciting sports and fun filled travel contact them on  @BCDTravel or visit their website BCD Travel.

Travel Marketing Idea # 35:        

“Drop your business cards where your prospective visit frequently”.

Fareportal Travels believes in repeated exposure to their company though the following marketing tips.

  • Leave your visiting cards to most visited places like restaurants, hotels, bars and casinos where maximum people can see them.
  • Dropping down visiting cards through news agencies will be more effective.
  • Besides cards promotional pamphlets and flyers will also work.

Visit the company through their twitter account, @fareportal or visit their website Fareportal Travels .


Travel Marketing Idea # 36:

“Speak out for your product and services at special events.”

Travel Leaders Group is a world renowned company which believes in advertising their services through special events and occasions. Let us have a glance at their marketing tips:

  • Christmas and Easters are the moments when people love to recreate and travel with their families so cash in on those moments.
  • Give exciting discount deals for the Christmas period.
  • People can use your services if you give them remarkable benefits in travelling with them these days.

Do not miss your chance to travel with special discounted rates and visit them on twitter at  

@travelleadershq or visit their website Travel Leaders Group .


Travel Marketing Idea # 37:

“Introduce latest technologies to promote your travel plans (VR Glasses)”

Image result for travelmarketing images

Corporate Travel Management is one of those companies that prefer to use latest technology to introduce their services. Their marketing tips are mentioned below.

  • VR glasses can be used to show your travel destinations, especially at the office.
  • Audio- visual aids are the great source of marketing.
  • Develop colorful documentaries and present them to target customers through VR glasses support.

For further details contact at, @travelCTM  or visit their website Corporate Travel Management .

Travel Marketing Idea # 38:

“Invest in redesigning your website to make it as eye catching as possible and create content that grabs the customer’s attention”.

Image result for travelmarketing images

Travel and Transport Company gathers target customers around them by implementing the following marketing techniques.

  • Hire a professional content agency to create your website content every week.
  • Have weekly sessions to create content topic ideas.
  • When people search for travel agencies on search engines, they are always more attracted towards travel websites with eye catchy content and useful information.

Contact them on twitter, @tandtnews or visit their website  Travel and Transport Company .

Travel Marketing Idea # 39:

“Be active during extreme seasons like summer and winters.”

Altour travels know the best time when to advertise their services in front of prospective clients. Their marketing tips are mentioned below.

Travel marketing tips data showing mobile vs. pc travel searches

  • Arrange tours to hilly areas and mountainous regions during extreme summer days.
  • Winter is never a time to rest, organize enthralling trips to summer weather areas during cold and long winter nights.
  •  People want to travel during the long winter or summer holidays so cash the moments and raise your revenues.

For further information contact, @altour or visit their website Altour travels .

Travel Marketing Idea # 40:

“Accompany your customers throughout the travel journey”.

American Express Travel knows well how to accommodate their worthy customers throughout the journey. Let us have a look at their marketing tips.

  • It will be recommended to make some of your company’s travel guides to join the tourists during their journey.
  • Have easy an forms of communication for customers to reach you in case of any problem when travelling, be it chat, or phone call or email (with quick response times).
  • The accompanying tour guide or agency representative should be courteous and professional in dealing with clients.

For an unforgettable travelling experience contact American Express Travel at  @altour  or visit their website American Express Travel .


Travel Marketing Idea # 41:

“Instagram usage an effective travel marketing tool.”

Direct Tour knows the importance of social media for advertising their services. Their marketing tips reflects this clearly, let us have a look.

Image result for travel agency marketing images

  • Instagram and Facebook are the best media for affiliate marketing.
  • Promote your services and company profile on these media effectively.
  • Stay online 24/7 to respond promptly to your client’s questions.

For more news about Direct Tour contact on twitter @directhit_sucks  or visit their website Direct Tours .

Travel Marketing Idea # 42:

“Make travel offers to develop a unique travel service.”

Morocco Travel and Tours facilitate their respected customers by introducing exciting travel packages. Their marketing tips exhibits it clearly.

  • Create discounted price travel packages specially for students and youngsters to attract younger travellers.
  • Facilitate the senior aged travelling lovers through customized planned tours.
  • Offer open membership for the loyal customers and introduce discount vouchers and coupons for them.

Morocco Travel and Tours will give you an unforgettable travel experience around the world. Make contact on twitter, @moroccotravel9  or visit their website Morocco Travel and Tours .

Travel Marketing Idea # 43:

“Be trustworthy and reliable to your clients”.

World Travel has gained lot of loyal customers through their professional dealings with their clients. Their marketing tips can be elaborated as below.

  • Leave a good impression with your customers so that they can revert towards you whenever they plan to travel again.
  • First experience is usually the last experience, so make the first travel with your clients their best one.
  • Offer consumer friendly rates and give supreme quality services to make them loyal clients.

Contact World Travel at, @woridtravels or visit their website World Travel .

Travel Marketing Idea # 44:

“Present your services in the high tourist traffic areas like hotels, bars, cultural markets etc.”

FC USA Travels practice the following marketing tips throughout their travelling tenure.

  • It will be quite intelligent to place your promotional flyers and papers on the counters and walls of hotels, bars and casinos.
  • Make your travel website so appealing that it can be easily distinguished from others.
  • Tourists are more likely to be found at local hotels and restaurants, so it will be wise to arrange a promotional corner at different hotels.

To learn more about FC USA Travels visit them on twitter  @ustravel  Or visit their website FC USA Travels

Travel Marketing Idea # 45:

“Give free travel guide classes to teach target customers about the perks of travelling”.

Adelman Travel is known for its outstanding travel services and they promote these through the following marketing tips.

  • Travelling is a life changing experience and how one can get the maximum from this hobby should be taught to the prospective customers.
  • Organize travel guide classes for your target customers and promote your specials during these classes.
  • Travelling is a fun habit to adapt, teach your clients through special coaching classes.

In order to attend these special coaching classes contact Adelman Travel on  @adelmanTRAVEL or visit their website Adelman Travel

Travel Marketing Idea # 46:

“Make interesting travel documentaries and display them on educational institutions.”

Image result for travel agency marketing images

ATG Travel promote their company by the following marketing tips.

  • Develop interesting travel documentaries and arrange movie shows at educational institutes to attract youth towards new destinations.
  • Educate the viewers about the benefits of  travelling and guide them through your documentaries.
  • Make the movies colorful and post them on YouTube as well.

Contact ATG Travel at, @atg_travel or visit their website ATG Travel .

Travel Marketing Idea # 47:

“Advertise travel themes to attract young travellers”.

I.C.E. Travels follow the under mentioned marketing tips.  

  • Introduce exciting themes to attract people towards your travel packages.
  • The themes can be cultural,  adventurous or jungle voyage.
  • Young people and couples will be attracted with valentines specials or honeymoon themes.

For more information contact, @icetravelmoney or visit their website I.C.E. Travels .

Travel Marketing Idea # 48:

“Travel blogging is a great means of travel marketing. Create a travel blog with motivational content.”

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Andavo Travels gives specialized services for their travel loving clients, their marketing tips are mentioned below.

  • Create an inspiring travel blog with informative content.
  • Add latest news related to travel and tours and new places to explore across the world.
  • Motivate customers with blogs about various cities they could travel.

Andavo Travels can be contacted at, @andavotravel or visit their website.

Travel Marketing Idea # 49:

“Predict upcoming trends”.

Conlin Travel keeps the latest trends travel and tour industry and assist their clients through the following marketing tips.

  • Day to day activities in the company should adapt to the changing trends in the industry.
  • People appreciate to move towards a specific destinations for specific occasions like they want to move to Maldives for honeymoons.
  • Give exciting discount packages for the emerging trends and travel towards new destinations.

Conlin travels provides more info on twitter @conlintravel or visit their website Conlin travels .

Travel Marketing Idea # 50:

“Optimize the long tail searches for an easier access”.

Balboa Travel knows the importance of search engines and this can be shown through their marketing tips they implement .

  • Use long tail keywords in your website so that target customers can find you easily on search engines media.
  • Create content around these long tail keywords to in order to start ranking.
  • Professional content writers should be hired to create impressive SEO content.

You can contact Balboa Travel on twitter @BalboaTravel or visit their website Balboa Travel .



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