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If you’re in the professional services industry, you’ve figured by now that your reputation means everything to your business. You’ve also pieced together that content is king for your line of work. After that, you got to explore optimizing your content for discovery and conversions as well as promoting content.

Well, with all that, you’re getting closer to the finish line which is more like another start line. What you need to understand about running a professional services firm is that everything is iterative.

So, you have your valuable content, and it’s optimized, how then do you distribute this content? The solution I’m about to give seems simple, but it also takes effort. Many professional services firms fail to take this solution seriously, and this often leads to poor content performance.

What do I mean? Social media. Social media is one of the best content distribution outlets in the digital marketing age. Your audience can access information within seconds of publishing it.

Professional marketers have realized how powerful a tool social media is and incorporated it into their professional services marketing strategy. If your plan doesn’t include a well-planned social media strategy, your content will gather dust on your website with no one to discover it.

Social media impact on professional services firms

A professional services firm’s lifeline is online. Your online presence beats anything else you could think of implementing. Today, people online are well past the social aspect of social media and have turned it into a business arena where they forge connections.

As a reminder, your professional services firm is in the people business. You need real human connections to thrive. Therefore, be present for your audiences. Interact with them through chats, conversations, reply to comments and keep them in the loop.

Once you establish a relationship with your audience and build trust, believe me, they’d walk on fire for you. Social media is the godsend outlet that allows you to connect with millions of people at the same time.

The worst mistake you can make in professional services marketing is underestimating the value of social media. There’s no room to wing it. Since it is an ever-changing digital marketing tool, get with the times and be as hip as your audience needs you to. Your integrity, credibility, and authority depend on this.

That said, you also need social media to accomplish the following for your professional services firm:

  1. To assert yourself, your business and colleagues as an authority in your niche
  2. To build awareness for your brand
  3. Increase engagement and content visibility
  4. To create a robust public relations tool by amassing a significant following

Share messages, quotes, and achievements with your audience: when you include your audience in your firm’s activities, they don’t feel left out. They’ll feel like part of your business.

With this knowledge in mind, it’s time to help you nail your social media distribution efforts. Here is a little cheat sheet I prepared for you.

Five social media tips to improve your professional services marketing strategy

You see, getting to connect with people is easy, building a relationship however takes time. Take me for instance; I’m devoted to ensuring your professional services business thrives. You need to be like that. Your audience satisfaction should be enough for you, until a time when you can cash in. And that is of course when your relationship is stronger.

People cut ties with people and businesses they find vain very fast. It is exceptionally easy on social media. So how do you keep your prospects and leads interested? Here are some tips:

Tip 1: Come up with a clear plan and stick to it

Just like you took time to create a marketing strategy, invest time in your social media distribution strategy. Once you have this outline, don’t get overly excited and get off the rails, stay on plan for effective execution.

What should my plan entail? It’s good you ask yourself this.

Imagine following a page that bombards you with hundreds of post every day? Do you think you’ll get any value from them? Even if there is value there, do you have time to read through all the posts?

The short path to success in professional services marketing is to put yourself in your audiences’ shoes. Yes, you may get excited when you get likes and comments but have a daily limit on how many posts to publish.

To prove me right, look at your competitors and see how often they post. Remember, you still need time to engage with the prospects who liked and left comments on a particular post. Make sure they feel heard and acknowledged.

Tip 2: Choose your channels wisely

While this may come as a surprise to many, not all social media channels are a godsend for professional services marketing. Professional services firms have to be very careful to connect to the right channels, in other words, find where your audience base is.

For instance, snap chat is a popular channel, but it is most likely not the right channel for a consulting firm. To emphasize the professional part of professional services marketing, you need professional and semi-professional platforms. Take LinkedIn for example or the good old Facebook and Twitter.

That said, it doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with newer channels like Instagram. But always remain active on the right channels.

Tip 3: Every channel needs a different, specialized approach

This is straightforward. You can’t treat all the channels the same. What works for Twitter won’t be so popular on LinkedIn. Therefore, come up with appropriate approaches for each. LinkedIn is popular for a business-focused audience, address that while Twitter may require engaging and even visual content to create interest.

Tip 4: Be inclusive of your audience

When you build a following on social media for your business, it is no longer just your business. Your audience is part of it, and you need to acknowledge that. In professional services marketing, there is no I; it’s Us, We and Ours.

So how do you include your audience? Don’t use your social media platforms to spread messages and quotes solely. Once in a while, post about your employees’ achievements like awards they won or a project they took part. This humanizes your business and makes it approachable by prospects.

You should also comment and like your followers’ posts to show that you see them and feel their presence. This helps you begin conversations.

Tip 5: Maximize on customer service

It doesn’t matter to your audience that you have nailed the first four tips if you fail at this one, its game over for you.

Imagine if you reached out to a firm via tweet and never got a response? How would you feel? Would you trust the business to have your best interests at heart? Of course not.

If your audience feels neglected, their trust in you fades fast. 

Therefore, reply thoughtfully to your audience and don’t shy away from controversial comments. Ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away, instead, engage with the individual and keep a level head about it. To build your reputation, you need to remain the cool and smart one in the conversation.

This, however, doesn’t mean you should be rude. Use your expertise and in-depth know-how to respond.

Use these tricks for efficient customer service:

  •    Compile a list of the most common complaints and issues and come up with a troubleshooting library.
  •    Show your creativity through your sense of humour. It is very effective when engaging with your audience. It can even win you referrals and shares.
  •    Monitor each of your channels and address all comments posted

To sum up:

Helping you thrive in your social media strategy is an integral part of what we do at E&A digital republic. Implement the above-explained five social media tips to improve your professional services marketing strategy as a first step will help you blow the dust off your posts and attract more prospects to you.

Contact us to find out if these practices work for your professional services firm or grab our free marketing assessment. We are here for you.

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