An incentive to measure Professional Services Marketing  is to find out if your business is thriving, stagnant or failing. Since there are no tangible products, you measure the conversion rates. Many business owners in the professional services industry are stuck wondering how to validate their investments.

Internet marketing revolutionized the professional services industry by allowing firms to assert their authority in their specific niche. However, in doing this, did it mean that firms will automatically succeed? The quick answer is of course not.

Just because you have a lot of people visiting your site does not mean you’re successful. Likewise, having valuable information on your site doesn’t guarantee success. What then promises success? Its conversions. How many of your visitors go on to become your clients?

As a firm owner, if you’re content with only seeing the number of daily visitors, you’re failing your business. To measure your  firm’s success, you need to know how many of you visitors converted.

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Measuring conversion rates

First of all, your marketing strategy is not only useful for generating traffic. It is also imperative to nudge your leads into becoming clients. Since firms specialize in professional services, you’ll need to measure for the following:

    1. The amount of time a visitor spends on your website

An increase in traffic gives a feeling of accomplishment to many business owners and marketing teams, however, how much time are these prospects spending on your site? Have you heard of the blink test? This is whereby people usually decide within ten seconds whether or not a post is worth their time.

If you find that the cumulative time a prospect spends on your site is not enough to convert them, you need to check on the quality of content you post, your headings since they’re the first thing prospects read or your website’s design.

    2.The number of pages they open

If a visitor only looks through the one post that led them to your site, it means they didn’t get what they hoped to get. In other words, you failed to capture their interest. Leads who look through many pages are interested in finding out more about you and your firm. Ensure each of your website pages is impressive and interesting as well as helpful.

3. Did they fill out a form or provide their contact information?

You know you’ve won a prospect over when they divulge their contact information. People are cautious and guarded about disclosing personal details to just anyone. Therefore, when a visitor fills out a form and gives their contact information, it means they trust you, this forms as part of lead generation within inbound marketing.

    4. How often they visit, like and comment

This is mainly for social media outlets. When people leave comments and like your posts, they’re establishing a connection because your content resonates with them. Firms need people to trust them and trust in their expertise. If they keep coming back and liking your content, they’re approaching conversion.

Why measuring these aspects of your business is important

When you look at the results taken from the four measurements above, you’ll see a clear picture of where your firm is. It is through analysis that you can gauge how well your marketing strategy is working. You also get to know how rapidly or slowly your business is growing.

Measuring also gives you a good understanding of how far your message goes. Especially on the different platforms, you’re on; for instance, which social media outlet bring in the most leads, which ones have the highest rates of lead conversion into customers.

Additionally, measuring the conversion rates in the above ways helps you tell which of your outlets has the most impactful content. For effective services marketing, you need different approaches for each entity since the audience in each is unique and different.

How often should you review measurement data?

To get a good idea of how your firm is doing, it’s good that you periodically review this data and compare it with the previous metrics. In a large firm, once a month is a great timeline to set. At the end of every month, you get to see how well your strategy worked.

There’s, however, no limit to the number of times you can review this data, it all depends on you. Moreover, the information serves as a reflection of the work you’ve input into your business. Besides giving you insights, this data should also help you make elaborate plans for the future.

One way to measure professional services marketing

While there is no one accurate way set in stone, you can utilize the following method to track all your metrics comfortably and straightforwardly.


i. Install Google analytics to track your conversions


Google analytics is a great way to cover all your firm’s grounds without sweating too much. With Google Analytics, you get to know how the visitor got to your site, for instance, if they came from another website, you’d know which website and if they came from social media, you’ll know which outlet.

Also, you get a notification every time a lead fills your form. Simply put, google analytics will be a hawk eye over all activities on your site and social media platforms. Since google analytics is an integrated system, it will work automatically and can help you follow a leads journey until their conversion.

Another significant importance of the analytics tool is that you get to know at what point most of your leads lose interest and retreat. This will help you improve your audiences’ experience.


Your firm consists of many moving parts that work together. It is essential to keep track of how each of the elements is fairing. In this post, one way to measure professional services marketing, we let you in on what to measure for and what to use. Measuring marketing is part of E&A digital republics marketing Consulting Services to clients. Contact us to learn more about our services and grab your free marketing assessment for a more in-depth look into professional services marketing.

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