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Nowadays, professional services such as law, accounting, engineering, and others also require marketing. However, the approach may not be the same as other content marketing services since here you sell relationships and not products. Therefore, communication and engagement skills play a critical role in such a scenario.

Before beginning the process of creating content for professional services marketing, there are some things to consider. Moreover, it takes you an extra effort to deliver quality content for professional services marketing. Also Consider having a look at a previous post: building your professional services content-marketing plan

I want to get this off my chest by sharing with you the four critical factors to consider before writing content for professional services.

Creative content creation is an art that moves digital marketing. The fact is, even regular writers run out of ideas to write.

Has this ever happened to you? But that is not always the end. You may decide to take a cup of coffee, relax then think of other ideas.

Before creating professional services marketing content, you need to follow the following four steps:

1.Gather your ideas

You need to put your thinking caps on!

Whether you’re working as a group or individually, you need to give a penny for your thoughts. Creative content creation requires critical thinking. You can use evernote to jot down your ideas. Moreover, you can try to save an idea anytime it rings on your mind even if you are away from your PC. Always make it your habit to note down the useful URLs for web pages that may provide additional information for your ideas.

It’s also important to ask for ideas. Sometimes, you can ask your readers what they like reading. Besides, you can ask your marketing department what your customers say about your product. The answers you receive will help you in building content that meets the needs of your readers.

You can also use any trending topic that is related to your niche. Some of the platforms that you can use to check trending topics include udemy, Google trends, issuu and our personal favorite Answer the public others.

Moreover, it is a good idea to repurpose your content. Both your articles that received high and low views and shares will guide you on what to do. Besides, the comments that your readers gave on such posts can guide you on the next move to make. Consequently, you can use mind mapping tool to organize your ideas.

Finally, you can always type the keywords of your ideas on Google since you may generate other ideas related to your niche.

2. Conduct in-depth research for your content

Whether you have been writing for the same industry for decades, you will need to read many pages to give your readers authentic information. This is because there might be new research findings that you are not aware of. In most cases, research takes more time than writing.

When your readers find reliable information in your content, they will trust you. For professional services marketing, you may use authoritative websites to find accurate information for your audience. Moreover, the URLs that you may have noted down while gathering information will be of great value for your research.

Magazines and journals may also give you statistical facts that are essential for your content. Moreover, the internet will act as an important source of information for your research.

It is important that you research during your most productive hours to avoid confusing fake news from facts.

The more you conduct in-depth research, the more likely will you write a lengthy and elaborate article. Ideally, your article length should be over 1000 words to rank properly on search engines.

Sometimes, you may need some online tools for research. Some of these tools may require you to purchase; hence you should be ready to incur some expenses.

3. Decide on the direction that your content will take

You should choose the tone and voice that your content will take. You should also clearly define whether you will use the first, second or third person point of view in your content. All these points of view are okay to use provided your message is consistent.

Additionally, you should decide whether you intend to educate or entertain your audience. For professional services, most articles are always educative, and you should maintain informative tone. To maintain cohesiveness in your writing, your content should also follow one direction to avoid confusing your audience. Therefore, if you don’t decide on the right path to follow, some readers may be lost.

The direction you decide for your content should also consider if brand storytelling will or won’t be included in your writing.

Professional services marketing content may also require videos. Therefore, as you plan to create your content, you should also consider if your content will have videos.

4.Come up with compelling grabbing headlines

Despite having great professional services marketing content, research shows that over 80% of your audience may read your headline but only 20-30% will go through your content. Therefore, you need to attract people to your headline. Creating attention-grabbing headlines is a skill, and you can also use Buzzsumo to get relevant headlines with a large percentage of shares on social media.

In practice, it is advisable that you create 5-10 different headlines then choose the best from your list. Moreover, you can also use headline generator to help you find the best match for your article.

Your headline and the first sentence of your content should also direct your audience to the main points in the content.

Sometimes, you can propose different headlines and let an experienced content manager decide for you a compelling headline.

Wrapping it up

These four factors are essential for professional services marketing and content creation process. They might sound familiar, but you may have never followed them. However, those who consistently follow these steps achieve admirable results.


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