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You have the most amazing product or service, but you’re wondering, how to generate leads online when marketing consulting services.

Your company may have the most amazing services and offer competitive prices, but none of these matters if you having challenges when marketing consulting services at your firm.

The widely available tools, tips and digital marketing technologies have made lead generation a critical affair that dictates the success or doom of any given business. And yes, it is a competitive world out there and those with the most leads win.

Thankfully, online channels have proved to be one of the most effective in reaching new prospects, generating more leads and in turn, increased revenue.

While the process of generating leads online can (sometimes) be overwhelming and a bummer especially when the lead gen channel(s) perform below par, practically when done right, the results can be incredibly rewarding.

So, what is a Lead?

If your wondering how to generate leads online, it’s best we clearly define what a lead is. A lead is a individual who has shown interest in your business’s product or service in one way, shape, or form. As a lead, you’d receive info from a the company with which you’ve already opened or initiated communication with, as opposed to getting a random cold call from someone who purchased your contact information.

How do you generate leads? Let’s discuss a few options:

How to generate leads online: #1. Business Blogging.

Business blogging is a marketing tactic that uses blogging to get your business more online visibility and ultimately more leads. A business blog is a marketing channel created by your business. Most blogs that exist on the internet are personal blogs detailing travels and other experiences. These blogs are hobbies, where as business blog is ultimately meant to act as a marketing tool and make your business money, this is definitely one of the best methods to use when marketing consulting services.

What is  blogging?

Blogging is the act of creating short-form content. What is short form content? If you to write  a book that would be long form content, but if you to separate your book into smaller chunks of 3 – 5 pages that would be short form content or a blog post. A blog post is normally published on your website, your website is like book or a house where you keep all these posts that have really useful information about a specific subject, normally the answers to challenges or questions your potential customers have. For example what you reading right now is blog post, on  a business blog. 

When you combine business blogging with gated content below you get brilliant results.

How to generate leads online: #2 Gated Content.

No doubt, marketing consulting services at your firm can be a challenge but content marketing generates web traffic and increased leads. But; it must be quality, relevant and informative.

But what is content marketing?

According to the content marketing institute: “Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience.” In this case the audience is your potential customers.

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What Is Gated Content?

Opt in Monster describes gated content as online content (like articles, webinars, white papers, ebooks, etc.) that you have to fill in a form to get access to. The form might ask for just your email address, or you might need to provide your name, phone number, or other information in exchange for access. Gated Content is pretty much an online exchange. You give your contact info and in return you get a valuable piece of information.

But the key with Gated content is that it has to be quality content or a valuable resource to attract and convert traffic to leads.

The upside of gating content is that it increases the perceived value, if someone has to give you their information before accessing an ebook, they will think surely that ebook is of high value and helpful.  

A common downside of gating content is that it can annoy visitors na create a negative perception. But they key is to offer the right gated content to the right visitor. It should actually be irresistible to a certain extent.

Usually, the main objective when marketing consulting services with respect to content marketing should never be to sell your products or services, but rather build authority and trust around your business and voice. This is called “inbound” generation of leads as opposed to outbound technique of making open sales pitch.

A scenario is given below:

Assuming you develop a CRM software. In case you make a lengthy post about why it is much better than application X and Y, your blog will remain just that—another app promotion on the web. But if you write a quality blog about the importance of CRMs in helping businesses to manage their leads online, then you are offering a solution to a question commonly asked by businesses. Your blog—being informative and relevant, could just be the content they have been searching for. It instantly gets the audience interested in you and your product, providing a brilliant conversation starter for your software.

To increase the level of engagement and share counts, always include videos, images and info graphics in your content marketing. Other content formats include blogs, slideShare decks, memes, Graphics Interchange Format , podcasts, white papers, and case studies.

I must also mention that writing content for third-party websites is also important in generating credible back-links i.e. links that point to your site from other websites.

Keep in mind that the power of back-links cannot be underestimated. Google recognizes a site based mainly on the significance of the authority it carries and amount of back-links from more credible domains. This plays a huge role in determining your website’s ranking on Google based on targeted keywords or search phrases.

How to generate leads online: #3. Social media advertising

Social media marketing platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter are great tools when marketing consulting services, they allow businesses to target their ads based on various demographics like gender, age, location (zip code), income, interest in the product/service and more.

You can launch an ad campaigns with a budget of $5 and still reach a good percentage of your target audience. And the most exciting thing about social media advertising is that once sales leads begin to flood in, you may find it hard to keep up with the demand.

Oh yes, it’s a fact—stop rolling those eyes .

You must be wondering, “when can my sales start streaming in”? Well, that takes time and effort, but it can be as easy as ABC… especially when you have high quality content and a distinct voice.

While many businesses only want to use social media as a megaphone to blast out their announcements when marketing consulting services, Desist!

Always take time to highlight current trends within your industry, share helpful tips and start a healthy conversation whenever possible. Be responsive and provide answers to questions with a tone that ensures a continuous healthy relationship.

Customers—both existing and potential are keen at a company’s voice and when yours is distinguished; it will be recognized and appreciated immediately.

You can also run a poll or contest, go live on FB, invite targeted consumers to join your campaign (besides sharing active links that lead back to your quality content), announce product updates and run paid adverts.

Linkedin Lead Generation forms:

If your in the B2B space by now you have probably been using Linkedin. If you haven’t, head on their and create a detailed profile and company page. Once you’ve done that, have a look at their advertising platform. Linkedin is a great platform however many critics have said that their ad platform is quite expensive, and their lead Generation ad campaign is no different, but extremely valuable. Running a LinkedIn Campaign will teach you how to generate leads online

You can collect leads by running an Ad on Linkedin targeting i.e CEO’s in the Software in your city. These forms are already pre filled with contact form and the lead simply presses SEND and you have your lead.

You can learn how to set up your linkedin lead generation campaign here.

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How to generate leads online: #4. Email marketing

It may be an old channel of communication but the thing is, email marketing is alive and kicking, relevant in 2018 and here to stay! Email is the bedrock of  business communication, and this couldn’t be clearer with B2B.

According to recent statistics, email marketing offers a staggering average ROI of 3,800 percent. In other words, you earn a return of $38 for every dollar invested. (Salesforce).

WordStream confirms that emailing is the third most powerful source of information especially for B2B customers, after colleague referrals and thought leaders in the industry.

In 2017, there were 3.7 billion email users globally. This number is expected to increase to 4.1 billion email users by 2021, according to Statista.

Coupled with content marketing, emailing is fast becoming the go-to online channel for lead generation, as noted in a report by Ascend2. And the reasons are obvious:

  • It’s simple (anyone can do it)
  • It’s highly valuable (in most cases it is the first point of entrance to a new lead).
  • It’s ubiquitous (nearly every potential customer has an email ID, and this isn’t going to change anytime soon).

FYI, you can use email templates to instantly connect with your prospects. How about automating your email marketing to gain more leads?  Apps like Drip offer marketing automation using well-designed pop ups, emailing, and much more.

This can help you gather relevant information about your prospective consumers and translate them into real leads by marketing automation.


In Conclusion

While no business focuses on attracting just any person—that could be more detrimental  than it is helpful; a qualified lead is more valuable than an unqualified lead. 

As such, you need to focus on attracting prospective customers that will not only buy from you, but who have a truly genuine need for your product or service.  

Remember, every company needs on-going lead generation online to ensure a healthy funnel and broad customer base. Be sure to keep at it! If you want to know how to generate leads online be sure to download  the checklist below.

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