Content marketing is a heaven sent for professional services firms. Since its inception, the professional services industry has gained dominance and continues to grow. Content marketing is a sure way of succeeding in professional services marketing.

Professional services marketing strategies are now centered on content marketing because it is more effective. The power of telling compelling stories to audiences that need them surpasses any outbound marketing strategy. Content marketing is also dominant because it helps clients know which businesses are in it for the money and which ones care about the clients’ needs.

When the internet revolution began, and buyers became more aware of their needs, businesses had to adjust. This also gave rise to many more companies. Consequently, customers got to know that they have options and now they only go for the best. If your business is not giving off the best vibe, nothing you do will attract customers.

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So does this content marketing work? If you’re still not convinced that content marketing is your best bet, let’s look at statistics. Nothing beats facts, therefore, take a look:

24 stats that prove content marketing works for professional services marketing

First of all, content marketing is easy as pie if you’re doing it right. Those who find it ineffective are naysayers. Those are the people who need to look at these stats and see the magic that content marketing whips up.

1.Buyers believe in content

People know the value of information and therefore believe in content. During the buyer’s journey, clients move from each stage by evaluating the content you give. according to DemandGen research, 95% of all clients will rate your firm’s credibility and expertise through the kind of content you provide.

2.Content aids buyers in their journey

Different content resonates with varying stages of the buyer’s journey. 48% of professional services marketers actively provide specialized content for at least three purchasing stages. This is almost half of all marketers. Therefore, for the success of your business, can you afford to slack off? LinkedIn technology marketing community found this out.

3.Content marketing is three times as effective as paid search

According to a recent study, content marketing beats paid search 3-0. Content marketing costs less and has better results that are long-term while paid search needs you to pump money into it ever so often to keep it going. This clearly shows you the path to follow for your professional services marketing. (study by kapost together with Eloqua)

4.More than half of all professional services clients are online

Pew Research Center conducted a survey that found; people are now past the era of television as their primary source of information. The internet is far more dependable especially for people at the age of 18 to 50 years. Since most of your clients are online, you need to go where they are. Remember, your customers steer the direction of your marketing strategy.

5.Content marketing is the trendy strategy now

Today, the digital era has seen to it that people trust in trends more than anything else. Trends easily sway the decisions of audiences. Content marketing institute/ MarketingProfs research proves that at least 88% of professional services firms have embraced content marketing. Don’t be left behind.

6.Executives make decisions from the quality of your content

Sometimes, professional services firms go straight to the decision makers to cut down on the time it takes to close a sale. These executives will base their decision on the content that is circulating about your business rather than your carefully crafted ads. According to StrataBeat 80% of executives are doing this.

7.At least 60% of professional services firms publish one piece of content daily

According to research by eMarketer, most professional services firms are maximizing consistency by posting something useful for their audience every day. This will help keep in touch with prospects and clients.

8.Content marketing guarantees ROI

The content you create for your blog is like a gift that keeps on giving. According to HubSpot, content provides steady traffic to your websites which means prospects are finding you.

9.Content is reusable

The amazing thing about content is that you can reuse and repurpose it to look new and attract a new audience. A study done by  LookBookHQ showed that  60% of professional services marketers reuse content at least two times and up to 5 times.

10.Content is now a primary focus for professional services firms

Content is king when it comes to professional services marketing. Therefore, 81% of professional services firms rely on original content to drive their campaigns.

11.Content is the core of digital marketing

Whatever your strategy is, content has to be at the center of it all. According to research, (content marketing institute), one out of six professional services firms spend roughly $10million on content every year.

12.Content marketing is fast replacing traditional marketing

Since content marketing is as easy as creating content and promoting it, Gartner revealed that many marketers are ditching traditional marketing for content marketing which is cheaper and more effective. 

13.Content marketing falls entirely in line with customer consumption habits

Custom content council found out that at least 72% of professional services marketers have found that custom content is a worthy rival to traditional advertisements.

14.Content marketing goes hand in hand with lead generation

Content marketing aims to help you attract, interest and convert prospects into leads. After which you lead them through to becoming clients. Content marketing institute/MarketingProfs revealed that content marketing is responsible for 85% lead generation for professional services firms.

15.Content marketing is pocket-friendly

Budget constraints often frustrate businesses. With content marketing, however, you needn’t worry. DemandMetric research showed that content marketing costs 62% less than other marketing techniques.

16.Content marketing is the future of professional services marketing

Look at the biggest brands in the business and see what this means. These brands spend more time and money on content creation than on generating television ads and billboards (Contently).

17.Content influences conversion rates

When using content, your conversion rates will be higher than other mediums. Using content marketing guarantees six times the number of conversions than with other marketing programs. Aberdeen Group

18.Content marketing is very competitive

The competitive nature of content marketing proves that it is worth its salt. With 60% of professional services firms posting content every day (according to eMarketer), everyone has to be on their toes to keep up. As much as content is produced shows how fast it is consumed too. 

19.Long blog posts are more effective

While the belief that short posts make it easy to read, that belief is fast fading as people prefer more detailed blog posts. The trick is to structure it in an easy to consume format. Curata reveals that longer posts are nine times more successful than shorter ones.

20.Interactive content is music to prospect’s ears

Customers want to feel included in your business. By allowing them to take part in conversations about specific topics, you form a relationship and a bond with them. SnapApp research shows that75% of marketers are therefore leaning towards interactive content.

21.Content marketing compliments traditional marketing

Traditional marketing is sales driven. Content marketing, on the other hand, aids prospects through their buyer’s journey. According to studies done by LookBookHQ, most consumers complete 60% of their journey without contacting a sales agent, therefore, employing content marketing can help sales teams know at what stage to step in for a sure sale. 

22.White papers aid prospects in decision making

Curata also states that at least 78% of clients rely on white papers to decide on a purchase.

23.Content is a treasure for professional services firms

Original content is the most valuable asset for professional services firms. Social Media Examiner revealed that at least 58% of firms believe this and already implement steps to create better content. Written content even surpasses videos and info-graphics.

24.Content recommendations influence purchase decisions

According to the study done by Lenati, approximately 61% of buyers purchase from recommendations on their most trusted blog sites.

Bottom line

If you’re not a believer in content marketing, the above stats should sway you into trusting the power of content marketing. We as E&A digital republic highlight the above 24 stats that prove content marketing works for professional services marketing to help you pay attention to strategies that are a sure win. Our job is to help you win.

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