15 Stats that prove good websites drive new business when marketing consulting services.8 min read

2020 is almost in full swing —and by now you’re probably wondering what impact your website has when  marketing consulting services  and the perceived quality and credibility of your brand this year.

Congratulations! You have a website. Now what?

Certainly, a solid web presence provides massive opportunities to help businesses compete effectively in today’s modern age. This is especially true for startups given that a good website is a crucial digital marketing tool for building a positive web presence.

Ever wondered why some companies seem to have trouble competing while others boast of skyrocketing global recognition? The answer is in the website.

A well-designed, high-end website can help facilitate sales, generate incredible results and deliver significant revenues for a business whether a startup, small business or big brands with large websites. Sounds good, right?

Well, if you want to be noticed, then having a good website can no longer be an option. The next 15 statistics prove that first impression matters so does a good website.

Read to the end to understand why you need a more enticing, conversion-driven and user-friendly website to earn you outstanding credibility and improved client acquisition.

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#1. 84% of potential buyers will not purchase if the website is unsecured.

A study (Blue Corona, 2018) reveals that by the year 2021, the ecommerce sales from global retail will hit a whopping $4.5 trillion. So what is secured website? A secure website is one that has an SSL certificate, which is displayed as a padlock on your browser and also shows as “https” and not “http” where you type “www.domain.com”. In other studies (Shopify Plus, 2018, Ecommerce Platforms, 2018), B2B ecommerce sales are poised to surpass that of B2C by 2020. With such mind-boggling figures, I bet you already know what to do. 

#2. 38% of people will stop interacting with a website if the layout or content are unattractive.

What does it mean? It simply means that even though your site is secure, you aren’t out of the woods just yet. As a matter of fact, any snag your visitor encounters—whether it has to do with the design, content or navigation, can turn them away.

Design-wise, your site should be impressive all through withbeautiful images, great videos, active links etc. And guess what, users, I included; find it extremely annoying when categories with dropdown menu that have their own series of dropdown menus create a junk of content. A layout shouldn’t be vexing. Iget a headache just thinking about it!

It’s clear; users won’t tolerate websites that slip up at every instance. Of course, the only sure way to identify all the layout or navigation faults on your website is to check how your site visitors interact with it. Ensure it is perfectly designed and well-structured from the onset.

#3. Users form an opinion about whether to stay or leave your website within the first 50 milliseconds (equivalent of 0.05 seconds)

Yes, websites are subject to snap judgments that are swift and ruthless.

A bad homepage can’t be tolerated and one of the best ways to beat snap judgments and instantly influence user perception of credibility would be to improve your website design and navigation. The more reason why you should seriously consider statistic #2.

Speaking of which:

#4. 88% of online customers are less likely to return to a site after a poor experience

First impression lasts and with a website, there are no second chances. By now you must have learnt that a poorly done website design, low usability and outmoded aesthetics are leading credibility killers.

If this is your business we’re talking about, try to get to the bottom of the issue. Update or redesign your website. Develop a more responsive, modern website incorporated with the latestdesign tips.

What if your newly designed website doesn’t bring in any leads or the conversion rates of the few that didn’t bounce back are not bearing fruit? For more motivation on this, check out this helpful guide with great tools to help you improve your website’s User Experience and conversion rates. You can also download this checklist Download Checklist : Lead generation.

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#5. Use of videos on your landing pages can increase conversions by 86%.

This is according to a recent study (Wordstream, 2018). Need I say more? 

#6. 77% of marketing consulting firms think a bad website User Experience affects the performance of their clients.

In other words, marketing consulting agencies pointed to bad UX as the main weakness in online marketing. A closer look reveals that design and user experience concepts are inseparable.

#7. 47% of users expect a maximum loading time of 2 seconds for an average website.

Did you know that slow-loading websites cost online retailers a whole $2.6 billion in lost sales annually? You don’t believe me?

Will slow load time affect your firm when marketing consulting services?

Well, slow load time not only affects user behavior by reducing leads and conversions, but also affects your site’s SEO.

Notably, large file size is a major cause of slow load time. But while you may be tempted to stipple your site with stunning, high resolution images, don’t be surprised when your website’s effectiveness gets detracted.

Check out Google’s free tool to confirm the speed at which your website pages open and diagnose possible loading issues. You can also use this amazing tool to optimize the size of images with large file sizes.

Which leads us to statistic #8.

#8 39% of users stop engaging with a website when images fail to load or take longer to load

Let’s be real—what do you expect with broken and outdated images on your website? Trust me; this says a lot about the company’s level of organization and or attention to detail.

Slow down load times caused by large images causes user abandonment. If your landing pages are missing the mark for speed, know today that your business is missing out on an invaluable opportunity to generate new leads via your website.

#9. 85% of adults think a company’s website should look better on a mobile device or as good as its desktop website

This is a vital point when marketing consulting services. These days, a responsive web design is mandatory! Create one that your users can pinch and zoom to view on their mobile devices. If your website can’t offer this, your potential customer is as good as gone—and they make that decision within 0.05 secs.

#10. Website visitors spend on average 5.94 seconds just looking at the main image

This means images matter hence must be great. They add significance to a user’s first impression of your website while keeping them engaged. As such, always ensure that your images communicate effectively while reinforcing your brand. Refer to #8

#11. Website visitors spend on average 5.59 seconds just looking at the content 

So, how can you convey the best image about your business when marketing consulting services on your website within such a short time? Ensure your written content is easy for users to find what they are looking for and this is by creating a better user experience. Remember statistic #2 and #6.

#12. 75% of customers judged a company’s credibility based on its website design

It’s pretty obvious that the credibility of any business is closely connected to the quality of its website’s aesthetics.

What do I mean?

A website is a reflection of how a company operates. As such, it must exude a high level of credibility and quality in every sense, if not this can be a stumbling block when marketing consulting services.

#13. A user’s eye takes just 2.6 seconds to identify the spot on your website that significantly influences their first impression

As earlier mentioned, site users take seconds to form an opinion about the quality of a website and by extension business. Now,after your site successfully goes through the snap judgment test, you must maintain the credibility standard to retain your user’s first conscious impression which determines how they perceive your website’s quality. Once you identify the spot, engage them right away using a call to action, which can make positive impact when marketing consulting services.

Finally to our last two statistics—they remind us that a website’s first impression matters when marketing consulting services is ahigh priority

#14 94% of first impressions are related to website design

In this study, participants of the survey noted that some websites were too busy, complex and lacked navigational aids. The research also cited participant feedback such as small print, boring design, excess use of pop up ads, crowded text, poor use of color, corporate look & feel, less introductory content, as well as ineffective search tool.

The study also revealed that :

#15 46% of customers that took part in the study made their purchase decisions based on the website’s credibility

particularly their aesthetics and visual appeal. This means they considered the color themes, typography, website layout and front size.

In conclusion

Your website plays a significant role in determining the perception users will have on your company. A poorly-done website can damage a business’ credibility while a good website can generate leads and extend a company’s scope of influence.

It’s probable that for your marketing consulting services, the difference in driving more business lies in simple tweaks to your website to change the perception of users the first time or next time they interact with it.

Last but not least, always keep in mind that a website’s first impression matters. Be sure to make yours count!  If you’d like us to review your website be sure to take advantage of our free marketing assessment below.

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